Why IC Imagine?

We engage students to help them develop their full potential and nurture their growth from Lower to Middle to Upper School. Our graduates are equipped to collaborate, communicate and lead as well as excel in the college and career pathways of their choice.


  • We are a tuition-free public charter school.

  • We welcome all students in grades K-12.

  • We have a board-adopted Statement of Inclusivity.

  • We have a diverse faculty.


  • We employ talented faculty who are passionate about helping children learn.

  • We provide differentiated instruction.

  • We offer Honors & Advanced Placement Courses.

  • We offer Dual Enrollment with AB Tech.

  • We offer virtual course offerings through NCVPS and NCSSM.

  • We teach Spanish to all students beginning in Kindergarten.

  • We implement AVID and Project Lead the Way programs.


  • We provide small cohorts.

  • We offer a collaborative environment.

  • We have a faculty who are accessible to students, which in turn develops meaningful relationships.

  • We provide programs that foster the building and strengthening of community.

  • We have an active Parent Advisory Council and Imagine Parent Organization.


  • We are committed to helping students become the best version of themselves.

  • We provide Social Emotional Learning Curriculum & Skill Building Groups in Grades K-12.

  • We believe movement is essential.

  • We offer two recesses daily to K-5 students and all students engage in Physical Education

  • We are home to the Kingfisher Trail, a 3.2 mile cross county trail.

  • We offer interscholastic athletics in Middle and Upper School.

  • We provide athletics programs and camps for Lower School students.


  • We provide instruction in the arts beginning in Kindergarten through High School.

  • We provide opportunities for students to perform (music, chorus, band and theatre).

  • We provide ways for students to showcase their artwork.

  • We participate in choral & band adjudications.

  • We showcase theatrical productions multiple times each year.

  • We participate in art installations.

  • We host guest artists.


  • We offer field trips at all grades.

  • We take high school students on college visits

  • We provide intentional opportunities for community service

  • We have a 46-acre campus that provides extensive opportunities to explore the outdoors.

  • We have a mountain bike club and team

  • We offer a variety of after school clubs and activities.