At IC Imagine, we are dedicated to ensuring that all students are learning at high levels through an integrated approach to the whole child in a K-12 model by: valuing every member of our school community; engaging all students in Core Curriculum, Spanish, Fine Arts, and Active Living; and encouraging students to become Leaders.


At IC Imagine, we Imagine, we Nurture, we Value, we Engage, we Sustain and we Transform as we champion opportunities in leadership and learning, embracing greatness, inspiring achievement within a telescopic environment.

At IC Imagine, we DIVE in to greatness!

IC Imagine uses PBIS to teach students our school-wide expectations by incorporating student incentives. By promoting these core values together in the home, at school, and within our community, we support the shared responsibility of developing good citizens.

Do Everything Safely:
Students and faculty share a collective responsibility for creating safe learning environments.

I am a Leader:
Students are given opportunities and encouraged to develop leadership skills.

Students are taught to value themselves, others and our school.

Students are encouraged to engage with their own learning and demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways.