Athletics offered at IC Imagine 6th-8th grade

Cross Country (boys & girls) Boys Basketball (YMCA) Girls Soccer (ABYSA)
Boys Soccer (ABYSA) Girls Basketball (YMCA) Baseball
Girls Volleyball (dev. league) Softball

**ALL ATHLETICS OFFERED WILL DEPEND ON NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS** Sign ups will occur before each season. The number of participants will determine if tryouts need to take place.


Highlander Basketball News

Congratulations to our ICI Highlanders boys basketball team for the big 30-24 win in the championship game!  What a great showing of support from the faculty, students, parents, and fans.  The enthusiasm shown by everyone- signs, posters, chants of support, etc. helped carry the Highlanders to victory.  The boys were thrilled to be able to deliver this win for the ICI community that supported them so well today.

 Basketball ICI BOYS (1)20160227_121443

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