Why a Trail?

IC Imagine recognizes the importance of providing outdoor spaces and engaging our students with their environment.  We know time spent outside helps youth develop a better understanding of the world around them; fosters a strong appreciation of the environment; and creates socially-minded, considerate and resourceful individuals.  As a school committed to integrating healthy living into not only its curriculum but also its extracurricular activities, we know creating opportunities for our students to be outside reduces stress, improves brain function, and helps them develop healthy relationships.

The Kingfisher Trail will provide a myriad of incredible opportunities not previously afforded to our students, our school and our local community. In addition to being used for educational purposes such as science and PE classes, it will be used by our Adventure Club for hiking and biking, by our mountain bike and cross country teams for practices and races, and by our school for events.  Additionally, we are exploring ways to make this trail accessible to other user-groups within the western NC community.

Even though the Kingfisher Trail is now a reality, there will be regular maintenance.  We invite you to support The Trail by making a donation.  Your generosity, combined with contributions from other individuals and businesses, will ensure the longevity of this trail for future generations.