Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at IC Imagine is a comprehensive program that includes art history, 2D, and 3D studies and begins in Kindergarten. Lower School students participate in 45 minutes of Visual Arts instruction per week, then Middle and Upper School students have the option of selecting Visual Arts as their Fine Art. Our students are able to work in the digital medium, printmaking, ceramics and many other areas of artistry. Each student is pushed to work at their own highest level and challenged to become better artists through their pursuits.  Champions have the opportunity to showcase their work at various gallery shows and participate in local and national art contests throughout the year.


US Visual Arts
Congratulations to US Visual Arts Students Frankie Rogala and Jaya Penland!
They each had work selected for the High Point University’s 2022 Emerging Artist Invitational Exhibit! There were over 300 entries and only 50 works selected.  The work will be on display at the Sechrest Gallery from November 1st thru November 5th.
“Spider” by Jaya Penland
“Fingers and Palms” by Frankie Rogala
MS Visual Arts

In our Middle School Visual Arts Classes, our 6th, 7th and 8th grade artists created memorials honoring famous artists from around the world and across history. They were asked to find an artist whose work they connected with and then create a tombstone for that artist. Through this process students learned some art history, about different styles of art, and a little bit about some of the amazing artists in our world. They then created a temporary exhibit or “graveyard” and invited our Lower School classes to come visit.

LS Visual Arts

Our 4th grade students have completed one of their most challenging art projects to date.  They used artist/architect Mary Iverson as inspiration for their 2pt perspective tree houses.  They practiced drawing forms using 2pt perspective from various view points but settled on a worm’s eye view for the final product.  This project highlights their advanced ruler, scissor, and watercolor skills.