Upper School Virtual Learning

Family Orientation Video

If you are unable to attend one of the Upper School Virtual Orientations, please watch the video below for information about Virtual Learning this school year.

Weekly schedule of virtual learning for upper school

Upper School Families,

Below you will find important information related to picking up devices, attendance, and schedules.  Please be sure that your child can log into their school email addresses (firstnamelastname@icimagine.org). If your child is unable to log in it is important that you email davenhunsicker@icimagine.org immediately.  At the very end of this email there is information about what Monday looks like, please review it so you know what to expect before homeroom begins.  


Our funding for the entire school year is based on attendance for the first 20 days of school. This is why it is imperative that your student is logging attendance on day one and each day thereafter.  We will be following up with you if we do not see students in their homeroom. All teachers will be sending the link to their Zoom sessions to student email addresses by Thursday afternoon and are expecting to see all students logged into Zoom for homeroom on Monday morning at 9:00am.

You are expected to communicate with our school if there is some reason that a student cannot be in attendance over the first 20 days of school.  We will be contacting you if we do not see them during our homeroom from 9:00-9:25am or during their first class of the day.

Please note that we are changing the name of CLIMB/Advisor groups to Homeroom to be consistent with language used across our grades K-12. The homeroom teacher is the same as their previously assigned CLIMB advisor and you will see this on the schedule for your student.  

Schedule Change Request Process

Schedule change requests will be available by completing a form that will be accessible by students, beginning on Monday.  The link to this form will be shared via their homeroom’s Google Classroom. 

Please do not email questions about schedule change requests until you receive that form on Monday as we will not be answering emailed questions related to schedule change requests.

The only reasons that you should be changing your schedule are:

  1. You already took the class,
  2. You got put into the wrong placement (Standard, Honors, etc.), or
  3. You did not sign up for the class during registration.

If you chose the class during registration, then your scheduling request will most likely not be granted. Please also note that scheduling conflicts and class sizes may also make it difficult for schedule change requests to be granted.  Schedule change requests will only be honored through 8.28, this is a hard deadline.

The link to the form is below and will become active on Monday at 8:00am.  

Schedule Change Request Form

Daily Schedule:

Please familiarize yourself with our daily schedule.  Note that each day begins with a live homeroom and that link will be in the Google Classroom for your homeroom. You will need to check your email and look for the invitation to the Google Classroom for your homeroom AND all of the classes on your schedule. A reminder that your Homeroom teacher is your previous CLIMB Advisor.

Monday, August 17:

On Monday, the schedule below is what all students can expect to do throughout their school day.  Note that all classes on Monday will be synchronous so all students must be prepared to log in to Zoom using the links in their Google classroom and calendars at the indicated time.


  • 9:00-9:25/Homeroom: 


      • Live Zoom with Homeroom. Attendance for the day taken during this time, link provided in Google Classroom and calendar


  • 9:30-10:30/1st Period:


      • Meet in live Zoom with first period class.  Link provided in Google Classroom and calendar


  • 10:45-11:45/3rd Period:


    • Meet in live Zoom with third period class. Link provided in Google Classroom and calendar


  • 11:45-12:25 Lunch break



  • 12:30-1:30/5th Period:


      • Meet in live Zoom with fifth period class. Link provided in Google Classroom and calendar


  • 1:45-2:45/7th Period:


    • Meet in live Zoom with seventh period class. Link provided in Google Classroom and calendar

We look forward to working with you this year.

Please reach out with any questions,

Mrs. Morin, Upper School Principal (nicolemorin@icimagine.org)

Ms. Dunn, Upper School Assistant Principal (jerichodunn@icimagine.org)