Technology Support

Open Technology Appointments at IC Imagine

We will continue to provide scheduled times for families to pick up technology devices from school, seek repairs on devices and receive tech assistance just as we did in the spring. These times will be Mondays from 8:30 – 10:30am and Wednesdays from 2:00 – 4:00pm. Please only seek repair if the issue with the Chromebook will interfere with their virtual learning. If you need to come to campus for technology support, please sign up using this link so that we are able to make sure we have the correct information to assist you when you arrive.  We do have a back-up supply of Chromebooks to loan students while their device is under repair, but that number is limited. If you need immediate assistance, please email our technology director, Mr. Hunsicker ( 

In Need of At-Home Tech Support

If you need at-home tech support, please complete the technology support form below. Mr. Hunsicker or a member of our Technology Support Team will reach out to you directly to support you with your Technology Needs.  

Bark and Monitoring Activity on Devices While at Home

If your student is using the Chrome browser and is logged into the browser using their school email account ( then Bark will still be monitoring their activity.  We will be adjusting the settings so that parents receive alerts 24 hours a day, and the school will continue to get Bark alerts as well. Please be aware that we have a team of people that evaluate these regularly and identify criteria of high concern.  Please understand that we will not be able to respond to individual concerns about Bark alerts, but the school will contact you about confirmed issues regarding safety and explicit content.   Other alerts should be managed at your discretion in your home.

When your child is on their school-issued device, it is the school’s expectation that they are logged into their IC Imagine account ( If your child is on another device and not logged in to their school account, Bark will not be monitoring their activity.  Please also be aware that without the firewall in place at school, your student’s access on the internet will not be limited.  We recommend that your child always use the Chrome browser and their school email while at home.

It is crucial that you stay engaged with your children while they are in an online environment.

A note from Bark:

During this time of uncertainty and confusion, we would like to be a source of comfort and relief for you and your students. Doing schoolwork without the structure of a classroom environment can lead some students to feel anxious and isolated. With less visibility into student activities, your administration may not be as aware when kids are struggling.

Bark for Schools can support your community during a time of social distancing. By monitoring school-issued accounts for signs of issues like cyberbullying, depression, suicidal ideation, and more, schools can be alerted when students might be in danger. Our service is available completely free, and parents and guardians can also get alerts through our Parent Portal. When families and schools share the responsibility of responding to urgent alerts, kids stand the best chance of getting help when they need it.

Content Filtering At Home:

Content Filtering generally is only controlled in the school building and in these cases would not follow the student home. Some schools have purchased third party software licensing or put security certificates on student devices to allow filtering off campus as well. This is commonly an added expense and would not apply to any personal devices that students use at home. Content filtering at home is generally the responsibility of the parent to control and monitor.

Personal devices can be controlled using parental controls, but school owned devices usually do not allow for those changes or accounts to be owned by the parent. There are a few non-intrusive options that will help provide a stricter content access on any device used by students in the household regardless of configuration: 

  • They can contact their internet service provider directly to assist them with setting up a stricter network filtering. By default, the router that is provided with internet service at home is set up with lowest restrictions and thus all content is available to any user on the network. 
  • They can find the instructions for changing the content filtering levels on their router on their own if they are comfortable doing it without involving the internet service provider. Manuals for their exact device are available online with the model being printed on a label on the router and the login IP address and credentials are listed on the label as well.
  • They can setup a free OpenDNS account and create customized filtering. They have two options: one is to block adult content and it does it all for you (OpenDNS Family Shield) while the other allows for more customization, like separating child devices from parent devices and category blocking for a stricter network (OpenDNS Home). Both have tutorials that walk parents through the setup process.

Cleaning Chromebook Devices

As the threat of COVID-19 continues, cleaning shared surfaces is a vital part of reducing the spread of unwanted germs. We wanted to take a moment to share proper procedure for sanitizing your electronics to avoid damage to these devices. These instructions can be applied to computers, phones, and other high touch electronics.

You may use a Clorox (or other sanitizing) Wipe or a lint free cloth or towel with isopropyl alcohol to sanitize devices. Please do not use any gels or hand sanitizers on your devices. Any sprays should be applied to the cloth and not to the device directly. The below steps should be completed in order to reduce the risk of damage:

  1. Completely power off the device and unplug any chargers or external devices from the device (ex: external USB keyboard or mouse)
  2. Make sure the wipe is damp but not fully saturated, if squeezed no liquid should drip from the cloth. Wring out wipe if needed before using it on the keyboard or screen of the laptop so that excessive liquid does not come into contact with delicate electronic connections. 
  3. Wipe down the device on the outside and over screen and keyboard and let air dry completely before closing the laptop
  4. Once completely dried you can close or turn the device back on

Internet Access:

Here are resources for free internet access:

Link to NC Dept. of Info. Internet Service PageMore info here as well as a map to search your address and see provider options. 

Buncombe County Libraries

They offer free wireless but do not have hotspots available for checkout. 

IC Imagine

Our school wifi is still on and can be accessed from the parking lot or the picnic table area using a school device. 

Does your family need additional support? Visit our Family Support page for more information and resources.