IC Imagine is educating tomorrow’s leaders, and support from our families and the broader community is essential to help our school realize its mission. Participation in our fundraising efforts reflects the strength of our community and our shared commitment to educational excellence.

As a public charter school, IC Imagine receives approximately 30% less than our counterpart traditional public schools, which translates to an approximate $4 million shortfall this fiscal year. Therefore fundraising is necessary to supplement the school’s operating budget.

IMAGINE FUND – The cornerstone of our fundraising efforts. Contributions have an immediate impact and provide crucial operating support. Unrestricted donations provide the greatest flexibility to the school to address the greatest needs. However, donors may specify areas or programs within the school to direct their contributions. [DONATE NOW]

CORPORATE SPONSORS – Our Sponsorship program provides opportunities for businesses and corporations to support the school.  [BECOME A SPONSOR]

FILL THE HOUSE – This initiative raises funds for the Imagine Performing Arts Center (IPAC) and Fine Arts programs by providing donors the opportunity to sponsor seats in the IPAC. [DONATE NOW]

THE TRAIL AT IC IMAGINE – Donations to The Trail will support its ongoing maintenance after its completion in Spring 2023. [DONATE NOW]

CHARITY LIST – This list includes some items most purchased by the school.  Donations of any one or more of these items frees up valuable dollars to be used towards other identified priorities. [DONATE NOW]

SHOP & SUPPORT – Many companies offer cash back to IC Imagine when you shop with them.  Current programs include:

FACEBOOK – If you are on social media, you can donate anytime by clicking the Donate button on our Facebook page. Donations made this way are unrestricted.  A benefit of donating via Facebook is that Facebook covers all processing fees. Occasionally, we may create a fundraiser on Facebook to directly support a specific program, project or initiative. If you donate via through one of our Facebook fundraisers, then your contribution will benefit the designated initiative.  [GO TO FACEBOOK] 

Create your own Facebook Fundraiser: Anyone on Facebook can create their own fundraiser in support of IC Imagine.  Individuals may consider establishing a fundraiser for their birthday, holiday or other reason.

EVENTS – Events are planned throughout the year to benefit our community. 

DONORS CHOOSE – Similar to Facebook Fundraisers, the school may endorse a specific initiative through the Donors Choose platform.  In such case, we will communicate the information and corresponding link to donate. Donors Choose is specifically for educators and often offers matching gift opportunities.

OTHER FUNDRAISERS – Throughout the year, you will hear about other smaller-scale fundraisers.  These fundraisers are approved by the school and organized by groups within the school to raise funds for their specific programs.

NON-CASH DONATIONS – These donations are items given to the school by individuals.  Examples include, but are not limited to, food pantry donations, classroom supplies, grade level needs, field trip supplies, science night materials, art supplies and athletic equipment.  Donors who would like a letter of receipt for tax purposes should contact

As you explore the many ways you can support IC Imagine, we hope you discover one or more places where your time, talents and resources can be used to benefit our champions.