Middle School Mathematics at IC Imagine

IC Imagine Middle School (6-8)  Math Options

  • IC Imagine offers a variety of options for mathematics during grades 6-8.
  • Taking Math 1 in 7th grade or 8th grade requires high level thinking and the ability to move through the mathematics curriculum at an accelerated pace.
  • Regardless of the course sequence taken in middle school.  Students will have a pathway to college level mathematics courses in Upper School


Differentiated Math at IC Imagine

At IC Imagine, our middle school and upper school mathematics teachers serve on a vertical team to determine the differentiated plan for instruction in math courses from 6th grade through a course sequence that leads to AP Calculus in Upper School.  They utilize multiple curriculum resources and The Achieve the Core Coherence Map to ensure that the extension lessons that occur as part of differentiated instruction prepares eligible students for Math 1 in Eighth Grade.  

Data Review and Waiver Process

After EOG scores are received, the math team will complete a data review to ensure that all students are placed in the math course that best fits their needs. It is our goal to ensure that any student that is capable of being successful in Math 1 in 8th grade has that opportunity. The math team will review the data for all students that receive a 4 or above on the math EOG to verify the correct placement is made for the next school year.

If students are not placed in Math 1 in Eighth Grade and the parent/guardian believes they are capable of being successful, they will have the opportunity to submit a waiver for review by the math team.

IC Imagine Middle School Math Waiver