Middle School At Home Learning Guide

Middle School At-Home Learning Guide

Schedule, Resources, and Guidance for At-Home Learning Experiences

Please take some time to review this essential guide to setting your Champion up for success during our days of virtual learning. Children need predictability in these uncertain times, and it is up to parents and your IC Imagine family to provide this. Below you will find helpful strategies and resources that have been provided by our teachers, administrators, and mental health experts to help you create a healthy learning environment for your Champion.

Set up a functional workspace.

Hey friends, this is Mr. Barton with a few short tips and a fun time lapse video setting up my workspace for this time. Someone smart, I can’t remember who, said it’s important to create a space where you can do your work. The couch should not be that space. As you think about this, if you don’t already have a designated space you should consider the following: 

  1. Designate a space in your home just for working. It is tempting to sit on your couch and work, but you should make work separate from down time.
  2. Good light is important and a decent amount of space to spread yourself out is also helpful.
  3. Everyone thrives at different times so find the time that you’ll do your best work and try to commit to that… every day. 
  4. Getting dressed is important for mental health.
  5. One last tip I took from an artist I follow who works from home all the time: Don’t get frustrated when you get distracted. This is normal. Make a list of everything you need to get done each day and several things you’d like to get done if you can. Put this on a post-it note on your computer. 

Establish routine

Experts are all emphasizing the importance of setting up a routine for your family. These routines should consist of learning activities, physical activities, and recreational activities. We are helping with the activities, but it is up to you to place them within your daily routine. Students will feel more secure knowing what will happen next. We strive to create these consistent expectations in our school classrooms, and need your support to do this at home.

Get outside and move

It is imperative your Champion gets outside for movement activities each day. Vitamin D and physical activity will boost the immune system, help reduce stress, and increase focus. Our PE team is helping by creating a daily activity.

Limit screen time. And monitor activity.

This is tough to do in a virtual learning environment. We are asking for a maximum of 3.5 hours of engagement each day. Often students will check in with the classroom then work on something that does not require a screen. Limit and monitor other screen time. It can be easy to use technology to battle boredom by watching movies and surfing the internet, but boredom is healthy and there are numerous other activities to keep your child stimulated. Again, monitor your child’s activity online.

Don’t stress

Keep calm. Your child needs your stability and confidence to feel safe, especially in challenging times. Help your Champion identify strategies that help reduce stress. Mindfulness, movement, sleep, and eating well are all important factors in managing stress.

Daily Schedule

Create a schedule that includes your daily routine. We understand each family’s circumstances are different, so set up a daily or weekly schedule that works for your family and prioritize activities.

Additional Resources 

Be mindful of screen time if your Champion is engaging in these additional resources or activities.

Additional Mental Health Resources

Additional Content Resources 

Crash Course – World History, US History, Economics (Youtube – Crash Course)

Additional Activities