Every Lower School student receives 45 minutes of general music instruction once a week.  We use this time to sing, listen, move to music, play rhythm and melodic instruments, as well as create, write, and read music.  Each grade level performs a musical showcase once every school year, with additional performance opportunities at various other events throughout the year.  

Our Kindergarten through second grade students focus on learning basic musical skills, including using their voices appropriately, identifying and playing classroom instruments, reading and performing rhythms, and responding to musical form.  Beginning in third grade, students also begin playing recorders, and our fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to join our Lower School Chorus which is an extracurricular group that meets twice a week and performs at concerts and events throughout the year.

In Lower School Music, First Grade Students learned about creating “snail shapes” to music. Learning how to identify tempo (speed of music) is an important standards covered in lower school music.

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