Lower School


June was a busy month for Lower School as we wrapped up the school year. We hosted our first full fifth-grade graduation in the IPAC, our lower school students participated in our first ever Senior Walk and hosted our incoming kindergarten students for their kindergarten assessments. We also got to celebrate lots of fun events like field day, the fine arts showcase, and our Investments Sharing Night. We also said goodbye to our fifth graders as they celebrated their transition to Middle School in a Moving Up assembly.

Help us to celebrate Teachers of the Week!


In May &  June, we recognized eleven teachers of the week! Please help us to celebrate them and show our appreciation.

5/23 Teachers of the week: Madison Curtis (Kindergarten), Katy Lengle (Second Grade), Alina Lavernyuk (K Assistant), and Traci Higgins (Speech Pathologist)

5/31 Teachers of the week: Lynn Lasley (First Grade Assistant), Courtney Jones (EC), Katie Nix (Kindergarten Assistant), and Simone Kaiser (Kindergarten Assistant)

6/6 Teachers of the Week: Lea Strampp (ESL), Lisa Gennett (5th Grade), and Khrista Simpson (3rd Grade)