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Learning to Read at Imagine

We believe all students will thrive in a structured literacy classroom with a Multi-Tiered System of Supports in place. 

At IC Imagine, all students experience curriculums aligned with the Science of Reading:

  • Fundations (K-2)
  • Heggerty (K-1)
  • Geodes (K-2)
  • Wit and Wisdom (3-5) 

More information about curriculum resources can be found on the Curriculum Resources page of our school website. 

Ladder of Reading

Link to Fact sheets from IDA 

Scarborough’s Reading Rope

“The genesis of the Reading Rope dates back to Scarborough’s lectures for parents on the complexities involved in learning to read. Originally, she spoke of skilled reading as resembling the ‘strands’ of a rope, using pipe cleaners to illustrate the interconnectedness and interdependence of all the components.”

Scarborough's Rope

 How Our Brains Learn to Read

Our brains are naturally set up to learn to speak, but learning to read does not happen on its own. Scientists have found that we must develop certain parts of our brains and build connections between brain areas that were not connected before. The picture (below) shows four different areas of our brains that we use when we read.

How our Brains Learn to Read