Justice, Equity, Dignity, Inclusion (JEDI)

JEDI Update 4.19.20

How to Explain Autism to Your Children:

Movies that Celebrate Autism (for adults or older students)

  • Temple Grandin
  • Autism in Love
  • The Story of Luke
  • Fly Away
  • The United States of Autism
  • And others on bustle.com

    What is it like to have Autism?

    “It means experiencing life in both an extremely positive and negative way. It is living in constant chaos that is both exciting and overwhelming. It is working with a head that is both so unique and illogical.” 


    “I may get stressed by sensory stimuli at times but I can also get a lot of joy from sensory experiences, like a good texture. It is wonderful to get so much enjoyment out of such simple things.” 


    “When you get an autism diagnosis, it’s nice because you don’t put as much pressure on yourself. Having autistic friends is nice because you have people who understand you, you can be open and honest.” 


    “Imagine being dropped into the jungle, into an indigenous tribe. You are expected to fit in without being able to speak their language or understand them. Eventually you will be able to fit in, but you will never be one of them.” 


    “It is the hardest thing to explain, ever.”