Home Learning Opportunities (HLOs) are an important piece of every student’s experience at IC Imagine.   HLOs are used to reinforce learning. It is the school’s goal that these assignments are consistently tied to Focus Standards and clearly communicated to students and their families.  


In grades K-5, students have no homework that is graded and turned in to the classroom teacher. There is no evidence of a clear connection between homework, improved test scores and academic achievement in the lower grades. Traditional homework also limits valuable family time, and the extracurricular activities children are able to participate in. We want kids to spend their afternoons playing, exploring and getting recharged for the next day. 

Learning should still take place at home with or without homework. Our policy gives families the freedom to let their interests and passions guide their learning. Science experiments, playing outside, cooking and reading books together become an equally important part of a child’s development, along with the curriculum they learn at school. 

In alignment with this belief, students in grades K-5 should complete the following nightly as their schedule allows:

  • Read for 20 minutes (at least) nightly
  • Engage with, work on, and review Eureka practice pages, Fundations pages, and other resources shared by the your students’ teacher that align with the skills we are learning at school

Our homework policy in lower grades allows you to be a partner in your child’s education. While our rigorous academic standards are fostered in the classroom, your family is empowered to explore and create your own path for learning at home.


Middle School students will be provided HLOs in Math and ELA. In addition to the weekly math and reading assignments, students will need to complete any classwork that was not completed at school. Finally, students are expected to prepare for unit assessments in each course. Students will be provided materials to aid in this preparation. Students with accommodations related to extended time will be provided these services.


Upper School students enrolled in advanced courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses, courses through AB Tech, etc. may be assigned additional coursework associated with the classes they are taking during breaks.  This coursework will be assigned through the teacher in advance of the break in which the work should be completed.  At times, students in these courses may be offered time during breaks to attend work sessions to maintain the pace of the more challenging coursework or provide a more in-depth exploration of concepts.

Students are expected to complete academic study and/or activities beyond the classroom seat time. All high school courses potentially require additional time and resources to meet proficiency standards. Any students who require additional academic support to complete homework assignments should contact their classroom teacher and principal.