Grading Scales


Lower School Grading

* Please note that Met Proficiency is the grade level expectation for all of our students. Demonstrating learning at this level indicates mastery of grade level standards and should be celebrated!


Middle School Grading

For Progress Reports and Quarterly Report Cards, families will see what are thought of as “traditional grades”. We encourage families to use the following descriptions both when thinking about their students’ grades and in conversation with their children about their grades. Remember, grades are a snapshot of how students are performing across all standards presented in a subject area, not a breakdown of how they are performing standard by standard.

  • A – Consistently demonstrating above grade-level work, using higher-order thinking skills to apply and extend knowledge
  • B – Consistently meeting grade level expectations for the majority of individual standards
  • C – Inconsistently meeting grade level expectations– remember, this is an evaluation overall for a quarter; not standard by standard
  • D – Demonstrating growth and effort towards grade level expectations, but not on a trajectory to meet grade level expectations 
  • F – Not demonstrating growth or effort to make growth, not actively participating in own learning 


Upper School Grading