Fine Arts Programs


The band program consists of individual instrument classes and performing ensembles. Champions will begin their band experience in an individual instrument class where they will learn how to play their instrument in a small group setting with similar instruments. After completing the individual instrument class, Champions will have the opportunity to be part of the Honors Band, Symphonic Band, or Jazz Band. Each of these groups will perform numerous concerts, participate in all-district and all-state auditions, and travel locally and nationally to perform and/or see professional performances. The band also provides opportunities for students to be part of the Color Guard and the Percussion Ensemble. These groups perform and compete separately at various events around the southeastern US. 


Chorus is available as a Fine Arts selection for Middle and Upper School students.  This is a performance based class where students have the opportunity to perform in numerous concerts, participate in all-district and all-state auditions, and represent our school at concerts and events throughout the community.  Each ensemble focuses on developing appropriate breathing and vocal techniques as well as sight-singing skills and performance repertoire.

Lower School Music:

Every Champion enrolled in Kindergarten through fifth grade receives 45 minutes of general music instruction once a week.  We use this time to sing, listen, move to music, play rhythm and melodic instruments, as well as create, write, and read music.  Each grade level performs a musical showcase once every school year, with additional performance opportunities at various other events throughout the year.  

Our Kindergarten through second grade students focus on learning basic musical skills, including using their voices appropriately, identifying and playing classroom instruments, reading and performing rhythms, and responding to musical form.  Beginning in third grade, students also begin playing recorders, and our fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to join our Lower School Chorus which is an extracurricular group that meets twice a week and performs at concerts and events throughout the year.

Theatre Arts:

The Theatre Arts program consists of theatre classes, performing opportunities and the International Thespian Honor Society.  Lower School Champions participate in 45 minutes of theatre instruction per week, then Middle and Upper School Champions have the option of selecting Theatre as a their Fine Art.  They will begin their theatre experience with theatre appreciation, theatre history, acting and technical theatre instruction. Champions will have numerous performance opportunities, participate in district competitions, travel locally and nationally to perform and/or see professional performances. The students will also have opportunities to audition for and perform in the Fall Play and Spring Musical productions.

Visual Arts: The visual arts program at IC Imagine is a comprehensive program that includes art history, 2D and 3D studies. Our students are able to work in the digital medium, printmaking, ceramics and many other areas of artistry. Each student is pushed to work at their own highest level and challenged to become better artists through their pursuits.