Dual Enrollment/AB Tech

IC Imagine has a strong dual enrollment partnership with AB-Tech Community College.  Our students earn college credit that is accepted at all NC State Universities including UNC-Chapel Hill and by many private schools, including but not limited to Duke University, Stanford, and MIT.  Each of these AB-Tech credits carries the same weight as Advanced Placement courses as a student’s GPA is calculated.

In the 2023-2024 school year, we will begin utilizing a block schedule that will allow our students to earn eight credits each year instead of seven.  As part of this, we will be increasing these dual enrollment opportunities in several ways.  One exciting way is that some of our current faculty members will be teaching these courses inside of our building!

We know that earning college credit during high school is important to the college and scholarship application process and it saves families money!  As we further these opportunities in collaboration with AB -Tech, our students will have the opportunity to earn as many as 41 credit hours and some of them will leave Upper School with an Associate in Arts meeting the Universal General Education Transfer Requirements. Even those who leave with the maximum credits will be treated as a Freshman with Advanced Standing upon entry into college.  With each year of college costing approximately $20,000 per year at an in-state school, this could save your family or the student( if utilizing loans), $40,000.

We are excited about partnering with AB-Tech and what it means for IC Imagine and students and families in our community.  Be on the lookout for a lot more information as we enter registration season for Upper School in the Spring!