Curriculum Resources

Current Curriculum/Program Implementation

Program Type of Implementation Grade Levels Needs Addressed
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Second Step Core K-8
  • Research-based lessons to encourage social-emotional development (self-awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making) safety, and well-being of children
  • Bullying prevention 
CASEL framework Core 9-12
  • Explicit core Social and Emotional Learning lessons based on the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies: awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making
Eureka Math Core K-8
  • Fluency in math (including math facts)
  • Number Sense
  • Vertical Alignment in Math
  • CRA (Concrete to Representational to Abstract) Progression
  • Consistent Problem Solving process (RDW: Read, Draw, Write) 
Number Worlds Supplemental K-8
  • Research based instruction that supports bringing students up to grade level through real world application
VMath Supplemental 4-8
  • Systematic, research-based standards-based math intervention for at-risk students
Transmath Supplemental 6-8
  • Targeted, multisensory math intervention program for students who lack foundational skills
Geodes Core K-2
  • Engaging decodable text
  • Increases time “in text” for younger students
  • Reading connected text builds fluency
Fundations Core K-2
  • Designed to decrease the risk of reading and spelling failure
  • Phonics, phonological awareness, spelling, handwriting
  • Systematic program to address foundational reading and writing skills
Heggerty Core K-2
  • Phonemic Awareness Curriculum 
  • Daily lessons
  • Focus on phonemic awareness skills, along with additional activities to develop letter and sound recognition, and language awareness 
Wit and Wisdom Core 3-5
  • Vertical alignment in 3-5
  • Increase rigor and cross-curricular connections
  • Focus on comprehension and writing
Wilson Reading System Supplemental 2-8
  • Research based intensive reading support for the most challenged reader
Just Words Supplemental 4-8
  • Research based instruction that provides reading and spelling “basics” for older students
Cross- Curricular
AVID Core 6-8, Supplemental in grade 9 6-9
  • Academic Behaviors such as note-taking, studying and organizing materials
  • Increased engagement and relationship students
Project Lead the Way Elective Opportunities 9-12
  • Pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science engage students in hands-on activities, projects, and problems; empower them to solve real-world challenges; and inspire them to reimagine how they see themselves.
Advanced Placement (AP) Elective Opportunities 10-12
  • Provides the opportunity for students to do college level work while still in High School
AB Tech Dual Enrollment Elective Opportunities 11-12
  • Provides the opportunity for students to do college level work while still in High School