Congratulations to all of our runners at our Fine Arts 5k on September 10th.  We had almost 200 runners and families come to help support the Fine Arts Department. Thank you to Premiere Marshall Arts and Blue Reign Pet accessories for joining us and thank you to iDaph for another great race.

Congratulations to our overall finishers, Holden Rozof and Emily Gaines!

The Fine Arts are an integral part of an IC Imagine education.  Every student at our school is involved in Fine Arts classes throughout the entire school year.  We believe the arts cannot be learned through occasional or infrequent exposure any more than math or science can.  Education and engagement in the fine arts are essential parts of our curriculum and important components in the educational program of every student at IC Imagine. There is significant evidence that fine arts education is effective in reducing student dropout, raising student attendance, developing better team players, fostering a love for learning, improving greater student dignity, enhancing student creativity, developing creative problem-solving skills, and producing a more prepared citizen for the future workplace, and we are proud to provide these opportunities in our community.   

Band (grades 6-12)
Chorus (grades 6-12)
Music (grades K-5)
Theatre Arts (grades K-12)
Visual Arts (grades K-12)