Arrival and Dismissal Locations

School Entrance- All traffic must enter and exit using the West entrance behind the school building.  The East entrance is for emergency vehicles only and the gate will be locked at all times.

Zipper- Merge Zone – AM only – All incoming traffic will merge using the two dedicated lanes.

zipper merge

Arrival/Dismissal Loop– The loop is three lanes wide around the parking lot and is one way traffic.  We will utilize all three lanes during arrival and dismissal.  Please do not change lanes once you are on the loop.  The speed limit on the loop is 15 miles per hour.  The specific details regarding lane designation are below.

Merge Zone – At the end of the three lane section of the loop, faculty will direct all traffic to merge into one lane as they enter the drop off/pick up zone.   We will merge cars in equal sets from each open lane.  Please stay engaged with the faculty managing the merge zone.  

Drop off/Pick up Zone – The area following the merge zone directly in front of the school where children will enter and exit vehicles.  The drop off/pick up zone  is adjacent to the large sidewalk area in front of the school.  There is a crosswalk through this zone.  Please be mindful of the crosswalk at all times and follow all directions from the crossing guard.

Visitor Parking – Visitor parking is in designated spots labeled with a V near the front of the school.  Signage in the parking lot will direct you to this area.