Advisory Council

What is the IC Imagine Advisory Council?

The IC Imagine Advisory Council is a group intended to represent the school community (i.e. parents, students) and those persons who share the responsibility for guiding the school towards continuous improvement (i.e. teachers, administrators, etc.) 

What is the role of the IC Imagine Advisory Council? 
  • Assist by providing input on the educational priorities of the school based on achievement data;
  • Offer advice on a variety of topics related to the school environment (school climate, social-emotional learning, Title I, special education, ELL, attendance, extracurricular activities, facilities, etc.);
  • Promote and encourage parent and community participation in the school;
  • Provide a communication link between the school and the community;
  • Participate and serve on the School Guiding Coalition ;
  • Help identify the concerns of students, parents, and community members and assist in developing solutions; and
  • Initiate activities and programs that strengthen the community within the school
What is an IC Imagine Advisory Council member’s role? 
  • Functions as a council member according to established procedures by making suggestions and recommendations representative of their constituents’ views;
  • Participates regularly in SAC meetings and carries out council assignments;
  • Engages in Advisory Council Meetings in order to become knowledgeable about the resources of the school, community and the school’s educational program;
  • Serves as a communications link between the IC Imagine Advisory Council, their constituent groups, the community and the school;
  • Acts as a resource person for the IC Imagine Advisory Council by assisting in  identifying resources and accepting assigned responsibilities for assisting in and coordinating the implementation of new programs; and
  • Assists with choosing new membership at the end of the term of service.

 IC Imagine Advisory Council Policy 

2022-2023 Members
  • Chairman: Kelly Hanna-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Vice Chairman: Anthony Wilson-Parent (Upper School parent)
  • Jenn Townley-Head of School (Middle School Parent)
  • Sean Vervain-Upper School Principal 
  • Nicole Morin-Upper School Principal (Lower School parent )
  • Sherrod Laws-Middle School Assistant Principal (Middle School parent)
  • Britt Jones-Parent Liason, Basketball Coach
  • Ellen Girardi-Lower School Principal
  • Angie Smith-First Grade Teacher
  • Cat Austell-Middle School Teacher (Lower School Parent)
  • Meridith Mitchell-Upper School Teacher (Lower and Middle School Parent)
  • Dena Rutter-parent, IC Imagine Board Member (Lower School parent)
  • Erin Barrett-parent (Middle and Upper School parent)
  • Kelly Gibbs-parent (Lower, Middle and Upper School parent)
  • Kimberly Wall-parent (Lower, Middle and Upper School Parent)
  • Mike Langford-parent (Lower School Parent)
  • Scott Mirkin-parent (Lower School Parent)
Interested in applying to Participate in the Advisory Council?

Complete the Advisory Council Application and submit it in one of the ways outlined below.  Membership applications will be reviewed as received and members will be added as roles become available.  Send your completed application via email to (please put Advisory Council Application in the subject line)

  • Submit your application in the Advisory Council mailbox in the school lobby
  • Mail your application to Advisory Council, care of IC Imagine, 110 Champion Way, Asheville, NC 28806

Application (English)

Solicitud (Español)

Have feedback for the Advisory Council?
  • Leave a comment/letter in the Advisory Council mailbox in the school lobby
  • Mail a letter to Advisory Council, care of IC Imagine, 110 Champion Way, Asheville, NC 28806