Early Release Day 4/27/2018

Tomorrow (4.27) is an Early Release Day!

Don’t forget about the early release dismissal times!!! We open our lines at exactly 11:00 (K only/blue), 11:15 (K-5/purple) and 11:30 (k-8/ yellow) according to “Verizon time” and allow those that approach the turn off of Ridgefield Boulevard to make a right hand turn to enter the line at those times.  We then allow the traffic to flow naturally. If you drive by and try to enter before your line opens, we simply wave you by. When you get in line on the street, you are allowed to enter by turning left as traffic flow allows.  If our line is full, we wave you by our entry due to the fact that it is not safe to allow a car line back up to the KMart exit/entrance. We do not manage any line that forms on Ridgefield Boulevard.

The following times are the correct times for each of our lines, we are asking for your cooperation in following these entry times.

  • Blue Line: Kindergarten only (Line opens at 11:00)
  • Purple Line: Lower school only (Line opens at 11:15)
  • Yellow Line: Middle school (Line opens at 11:30)


If your Champion uses our After School Program, an additional fee applies for the extended care offered on an Early Release day.  Please visit your orgsonline After School account to purchase and RSVP for tomorrow’s care day!  For more information visit http://sites.icimagine.org/scopes/.