Rising 9th Grade Registration

Rising 9th Grade Registration

Our Upper School is looking forward to getting to know you and your Champion in the coming months as we prepare for their transition into 9th grade!  Here are a few events coming up to help with the transition into next year.

Wednesday 2/28 we will host an evening to help parents of currently enrolled rising 9th graders to understand the courses and requirements your Champion will be taking throughout their high school career.  Please join us at Main Campus from 6-7pm to hear more about what to expect.

Monday 3/5, Tuesday 3/6, and Thursday 3/8 we will have currently enrolled 8th graders shadow at our satellite campus with Upper School students.  During this day they will be chaperoned by 8th grade teachers while attending classes, activities, and lunch with Upper School students.  They will be taking IC Imagine bus transportation to this campus.

On the afternoon of their Shadow Day you will have a chance to join them by attending our 9th grade focused registration conferences.  An Upper School Collegiate Leader will be hosting a conference for your family while registering your child for classes they will take next year.  Please sign your child up for a conference on a day that works for you.  If we cannot accommodate them to be at the school on the day you sign them up, we will arrange bus transportation for those students back to Main Campus and you can attend the conference day that works best for your family. If your conference isn’t until a later time in the afternoon, they can remain supervised at Upper School until you arrive for your conference. Rising 9th Grade Registration Conference Sign-Up

Upcoming Dates

  • February 28th – Rising 9th Grade Parent Registration Night @ Main Campus
  • March 5th, 6th & 8th – 8th Grader Shadow Experience @ Upper School and
  • Rising 9th Grade Registration @ Upper School