Important School Closing Announcement for Monday, August 21, 2017

After consulting with the North Carolina and South Carolina Emergency Management Services, as well as with the State Highway Patrol and Clemson University, we have decided to close school on Monday, August 21st.

Though school will not be in session the day of the eclipse, IC Imagine is embracing this learning opportunity and science phenomenon with great excitement in the classroom! On Friday, August 18th our school will celebrate Eclipse Day. Teachers are developing activities that focus on the science of the eclipse.

Next week, we will be selling eclipse glasses for $1 at a table by the main door during arrival, or your child can bring $1 to their Collegiate Leader to receive a pair. All money that is raised will be put toward the science program at our school.

We are also cancelling the field trip to Clemson University that was scheduled for grades 5-12. Travel is expected to be very difficult and safety is our number one priority as we make this decision. Anyone who has paid for this trip will receive a credit.

Thank you for understanding that we must make decisions that ensure everyone is safe.