Important Announcement Regarding our New Upper School Satellite Campus 7.20.17

Important Announcement Regarding our New Upper School Satellite Campus
We are working diligently in partnership with Novus Architects, Beverly Grant, Land of Sky UCC and the City of Asheville to ensure our satellite location, IC Imagine East Campus, has everything our Champions and Collegiate Leaders need to have a successful year. Unfortunately, it looks like they will need a few more weeks to get it just right. All construction projects, large and small, require many entities to come together in order to run smoothly. Our progress is currently being stalled by the City of Asheville’s permitting process, and we are working hard to get this resolved. The permitting office is dealing with numerous project approval requests. We began the approval process almost two months ago and continue to await their final approval.
In the meantime, we will be starting school in a temporary location at Montreat College’s Graduate Study Campus located at 29 Turtle Creek Dr. Asheville, NC 28803. The building has classroom space that can be leased on a short-term basis. This facility hosted another local charter school while they waited for their construction to be complete. We are confident that our unique educational needs can be met within this setting. Although there are a few Homeschool Groups who meet at this campus throughout the week, there will be no Montreat College students taking courses during our school hours, as they occupy the building for evening classes. The Homeschool groups meet in designated classrooms within the building away from the classrooms where we will be meeting. There will, however, be Montreat College employees using their office spaces during the school day.
The spacious classrooms will offer great benefits for establishing a productive learning environments and also for building community with our new Champions. The building is equipped with sufficient wi-fi and technology that is similar to what we are accustomed to using within the classroom. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Montreat College and share their space while we wait for construction to be completed at Imagine East Campus.
We are dedicated to communicating with you bi-weekly regarding the progress and move-in date until we get there!
In order to give you a glimpse of the space, our Open House events will take place at the Sout Asheville Montreat College location. We will be having short drop-in sessions on Monday 8/7. Rising 9th graders will come in from 8-10 am for some information that is unique to their grade levels. Grades 10-12 will attend a drop-in session from 2-4 pm. If you are unable to attend during your scheduled time, please attend the session that best fits your needs but know that the freshmen group will be doing activities while the 10-12 graders will only be picking up schedules and checking in with teachers. We encourage all 9th graders to attend their session if at all possible.

As soon as our Satellite Campus is ready, we will hold a second event there so everyone can be comfortable with the space!

Thank you as always for patience and grace,
Jenn Townley
Head of School