Adventure Club Winter Sports Update

We have just heard from Cataloochee that they will not be open next week due to a lack of snow. The slopes around here rely almost exclusively on making snow. I have received word that Cataloochee may have very limited snowmaking capabilities because of the lack of rain during the Fall to fill their reservoir. I am having difficulties getting confirmation regarding just how much snow making there will be when the temperatures do finally drop. We will possibly need to change locations to Wolf Laurel. Fortunately Wolf is also near by, has good trails, and very similar large group pricing.
I would like to try to gather a bit more information and make a decision to stay with Cataloochee or change to Wolf Laurel early next week. Regardless There will be no skiing or snowboarding next week. Regardless of the decision we will try to maintain the same number of nights on the slopes. Additionally although you have paid for the program through orgsonline nothing will be paid to Cataloochee until our first night on the hill. If we decide to go with Wolf Laurel we will announce any adjustments in price. If we do change locations the price adjustments will be small and in many cases the adjustments will be in your favor.
Thanks for your understanding and patience! I will get back to you very soon with a final decision. In the mean time do a snow dance!
Clinton Jackson