Ski and Snowboard Update

Thank you for being patient and understanding as we work around mother nature this month.  After a few weeks of trying to gather information and watching the weather I think sticking with Cataloochee will be our best option.  I was waiting to see how much rain we we got (to fill the reservoir) and if temps were going to drop below freezing.  Cataloochee seems confident that they will be open this weekend so I have pushed all five nights forward and hopefully we can get our skiing and snowboarding in without canceling any days (fingers crossed).
The tentative dates are:
Mon. Feb 6
Mon. Feb 13
Mon. Feb 20
Mon. Feb 27
Mon. March 6
I understand that because of the change in dates there may be scheduling conflicts and you may not be able to participate.  If this is the case please let me know ASAP and we can get a refund check made out.
Clint Jackson

Adventure Club Winter Sports Update

We have just heard from Cataloochee that they will not be open next week due to a lack of snow. The slopes around here rely almost exclusively on making snow. I have received word that Cataloochee may have very limited snowmaking capabilities because of the lack of rain during the Fall to fill their reservoir. I am having difficulties getting confirmation regarding just how much snow making there will be when the temperatures do finally drop. We will possibly need to change locations to Wolf Laurel. Fortunately Wolf is also near by, has good trails, and very similar large group pricing.
I would like to try to gather a bit more information and make a decision to stay with Cataloochee or change to Wolf Laurel early next week. Regardless There will be no skiing or snowboarding next week. Regardless of the decision we will try to maintain the same number of nights on the slopes. Additionally although you have paid for the program through orgsonline nothing will be paid to Cataloochee until our first night on the hill. If we decide to go with Wolf Laurel we will announce any adjustments in price. If we do change locations the price adjustments will be small and in many cases the adjustments will be in your favor.
Thanks for your understanding and patience! I will get back to you very soon with a final decision. In the mean time do a snow dance!
Clinton Jackson

1.18.17-Dismissal Changes


Imagine Families,

We just want to give you a warning that traffic will be congested at the school this afternoon.  The entrance beside Ryan’s is blocked due to a grease spill.  We will have to redirect the normal flow of traffic this afternoon.  Please pay careful attention to those directing traffic and follow their directives.

Thank you in advance for your patience!

Galapagos Info Night Take 2!

If you missed the first info night about the Galapagos Trip- There’s another one- February 8th 5-6pm in Mrs. Mitchell’s classroom.

The trip is now open to anyone who attends IC Imagine. If your child is not in middle or upper school a parent will need to attend the trip with their child.

Watch the slideshow to see why you don’t want to miss this trip!


Early Booking Bonus:  Sign up on or before January 30th, 2017 and receive a free arrival transfer.  $100 Value.
There is also a deposit of $250 per passenger at this time as well in order to qualify for the early booking bonus.

Congratulations Seniors

Congratulations to the following seniors for getting accepted into college:

Amber Hughes – Eastern Tennessee State University

Jewellynne Weinmann – Western Carolina University, UNC Pembroke

Lauren Bonet – UNC Asheville
We are so proud of you!

Running Club

ICI Running Club – Thursdays 3:45 – 4:30

The ICI Running Club will meet once a week giving students, staff and parents a chance to get into the woods and stay healthy together! You can join anytime!

If your champion is interested in joining us, ask your homeroom teacher for more information/necessary forms. A waiver and a medical form must be returned to Mr. Martin or Ms.Hanna in order to participate.



Matthew Martin

Kelly Hanna

Check out Team APP. Get locations and club updates – including cancellations and other important information. 
Team App will help you stay up to date for all ICI Athletic events!


Want to keep up with athletics at ICI?  Download the Team App!  This app keeps track of our team schedules, news, and other events.  If you have a champion playing a sport for ICI, join the team group to get direct messages from your coach and the AD.  As we add more features we will keep you updated.

To download the app, just search for “Team App” in your app store.  It is free to download.  If you are not a smartphone user, you can go to to join.  After you create an account, search for ICImagine to add our app.

If you have questions, email Coach Higgins at

NASA‘s Microgravity University for Educators

Five of our teachers have been accepted to attend NASA‘s Microgravity University for Educators (MgUE)!! Only twelve groups of teachers from around the country were accepted for this experience!

Meridith Mitchell (Middle School Science), Katlyn Swanson (5th Grade), Patricia Burgess (3rd Grade), Jon Marsdon (Middle School Science), and Serena Lynch (Middle School Math) worked together and with students on a proposal to perform experiments in simulated microgravity environments.

These teachers, along with a group of students will design a Satellite Launching Experimental Device (SLED) that will automatically deploy a mock satellite into a targeted zone mimicking a Mars orbital insertion.

In April our five teachers will travel to NASA in Houston, Texas to perform the testing of the design. This will be live streamed for the entire school and community to watch. More details to come!