Upper School COVID-19 Grading Selection Updates and FAQs

5/15/2020 Email

The North Carolina Board of Education has made the decision that students in grades 9-11 and non-graduating seniors will get a choice about how each final course grade will appear on their transcript for their currently enrolled courses, both year-long and semester courses. If students cannot be reached to make a choice, they will be permitted to do so after school buildings re-open.

At IC Imagine, we primarily offer year-long courses*. Each student earns one credit for all seven of their courses. For the majority of students enrolled in all year-long courses this year, the first semester grade (S1) will be recorded and count as a ½ credit towards the student’s GPA. There are two options explained below for the student’s second semester (S2) grade, which will also be worth ½ credit. 

*Please reach out for questions pertaining to semester-long courses.

Take some time to review your options for your second semester grades, as we will not be asking  you to make this choice until mid-June. 

In the next few weeks, Collegiate Leaders will be providing the opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of learning on all skills taught prior to March 13th for grade improvement.  These opportunities will end on June 12th at noon when teachers will be asked to submit all final grades for their classes.  The following week, we will mail out a document for each student where they will be able to select which of the above options they would like for each of their seven courses.  This letter will come with a self-addressed stamped envelope so that after signing, you can return it to IC Imagine.

Over these next few weeks, you may see your child’s grades on PowerSchool fluctuate as teachers are inputting assignments and grades are being recalculated based on the above guidance from NCDPI. We ask that you focus on having your student work on reaching their academic goal for each individual course.  Please expect delays on answers to questions related to GPAs until we have received all coursework submissions on June 12th. 

Each Friday, you will receive weekly updates regarding end-of-year information that includes grading selections/expectations etc. For questions specific to certain course grades, please reach out to the appropriate teacher. For all other general grading selection questions, please fill out this form and we will include answers in our weekly email as well as on the Grading Selection webpage on the IC Imagine website.


How will this impact my GPA?

Grade Grade Points per ½ a credit


Grade Points per ½ a credit


Grade Points per ½ a credit

(Advanced Placement)

A (90-100) 2.0 2.25 2.5
B (80-89) 1.5 1.75 2.0
C (70-79) 1.0 1.25 1.5
D (60-69) 0.5 .75 1.0
F (59 and below) 0 0 0

(Total Grade Points) ÷ (Number of Classes) = GPA

Want to calculate your own GPA?

Visit this website to find a GPA calculator (Make sure to switch the grade format to percentage)