Returning to In-Person Instruction


Your child will be expected to wear their uniform each day they attend in-person instruction. As a reminder, this means they should have on a white, gray, black or navy polo shirt and khaki bottoms. If you have any questions about uniforms or need support providing uniforms for your child, please contact the school level’s counselor your child attends.


A student must have a mask at school.  Face shields may be worn with a mask, but face shields are NOT a substitute for a mask. Masks can be any color or print, but must be school-appropriate, non-offensive, not considered derogatory or otherwise disrespectful. Face coverings shall not contain any offensive words or graphics. This includes, but is not limited to, words or graphics that promote violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, or other offensive or objectionable behavior or could be disruptive to the school or school facility. Masks must also: cover the nose and mouth to maintain effectiveness; be secured to minimize the need to adjust frequently; and be made of a solid cloth material or other suitable solid material. Masks do not need to be medical grade. Commercially produced or home-made face coverings are acceptable for compliance. It may not be made of lace, mesh, or other largely porous material or be designed in a way that defeats the purpose of wearing a mask (which is to limit a person’s moist breath from reaching others and to stop the other’s moist breath from reaching the wearer, thus serving as a barrier to COVID-19 spread). Administration shall have final authority to determine the suitability of any face covering.*

Lunch / Snacks / Water Bottles:

Students will need to bring their own lunch and snacks to school each day.  Currently, we are not offering lunch orders that will be delivered to the classroom, so please be aware that those are not an option.   If your student arrives at school without lunch, a grade level teacher (or your student, if they are old enough) will phone home to ask for one to be delivered to the school. Please note that no open lids will be accepted.  If a lunch is not delivered, your child will be provided with a snack for the day.

It is also important that Champions bring a full bottle of water to school each day as our water fountains will remain closed.

If you need lunch assistance, please reach out to: 

Family Assistance Resources


Please note that students will still be utilizing technology while they are in the building.  It is imperative that all students bring a pair of headphones with them to campus.  If they have a pair that has a built-in microphone, that will be most helpful as they return to the classroom.

Visiting the School Building:

Due to the on-going concerns with COVID-19, you will not be able to enter the school at this time. Please follow these protocols if you need something:

  • If you need to drop your child off after 8:00am or pick them up before 12:00pm, please park in a visitor’s spot in the parking lot and call 828-633-6491 (the main line for the school).  A staff member will get your child from class and escort them to your vehicle.
  • If you have urgent communication for the school, please call 828-633-6491 and the front desk staff will get your message to the appropriate people.
  • If your child will be absent, please email their teacher and