Required Attire

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IC Imagine
2020-2021 Required Uniform Attire

To support the establishment and consistency of an effective learning community all students at IC Imagine will wear uniforms. The uniforms will be selected by the Collegiate Leaders, including school leadership, for each academic year.

The IC Imagine Uniform Policy is designed to provide students with the safest and most orderly learning environment possible. The uniform policy is in effect every school day, including any off-campus trips. Advanced notice will be publicized for any events which a specific uniform or events that do not require a uniform.

Assistance for Families

IC Imagine is sensitive to the needs of families in meeting the uniform requirements. The parent or guardian of a student may contact one of the school counselors regarding requirements for financial assistance for uniforms.

1 Collared Shirt (White,Navy, Black or Gray)
1 Pair of Khaki Uniform Pants or shorts
1 Black or brown Belt

*Closed toe shoes

1 Collared Shirt or dress (White,Navy, Black or Gray)
1 Pair of Khaki uniform style pants, Bermuda shorts, jumper or skorts
1 Black or brown belt

*Closed toe shoes

Please note the following:

  • Approved outerwear for in the classroom includes:  black or gray fleece, or black, gray, navy or white cardigan with IC Imagine logo or no logo.  Sweatshirts with IC Imagine logos are permitted.
  • The above items are required for all students. Families may purchase additional uniform items as shown on the Land’s End site including shorts, skorts, approved outerwear, jumpers, sweaters, blouses, shirts, etc. All APPROVED uniforms are displayed on the IC Imagine Land’s End site.*
  • Lunch boxes and backpacks may be any color but cannot contain any vulgarity or advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
  • The IC Imagine Logo may not be reproduced in any manner without the written consent of IC Imagine, Inc. At this time only one vendor, other than IC Imagine, has permission to reproduce the logo. Land’s End is the only vendor with permission to reproduce the logo for IC Imagine. Individuals, organizations, businesses do not have permission to reproduce the logo. Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to this policy.
  • No logo other than the IC Imagine logo may be worn.
  • No cargo style pants or shorts are permitted.
  • All khaki uniform bottoms or dresses must reach the tip of the finger or longer when arms are at the sides.
  • All button uniform shirts may only have two buttons open at any given time.
  • Leggings or bike shorts should be worn under skirts and jumpers for girls.  (Black, Grey, or Navy).
  • All clothing must fit appropriately and free of holes(e.g. not tight or baggy clothing)
  • Shoes must be closed toe. No shoes with wheels are to be worn at any time.
  • Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building or classrooms.
  • Due to potential allergic reactions please limit the use of perfumes or colognes.
  • All hats/ caps/ head coverings must be removed before entering the building.
  • No bandanas are permitted.
  • Non-Uniform Attire School Days are designated by School Leadership.
  • Undergarments should not be visible.

Protection of Religious Expression

Students may display religious messages or artifacts (such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings), but not on clothing. If wearing particular attire during the school day is part of a student’s usual religious practice, under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the school will not prohibit the wearing of such items. Parents must discuss any potential situations with the Dean of School.


Students who choose not to comply with the Uniform Policy will be asked to remain in the school office until a parent/guardian is contacted to bring them a change of clothing. Students will be responsible for any work missed while waiting on correct uniform attire to be brought to school. Parents are asked to be in concert with and enable faithful adherence to the dress code policy.