Required Attire

lands end

IC Imagine
2017-2018 Required Uniform Attire

1 Collared Shirt (White,Yellow, Black or Gray)
1 Pair of Khaki Uniform Pants or shorts
1 Black or brown Belt

*Closed toe shoes

1 Collared Shirt (White,Yellow, Black or Gray)
1 Pair of Khaki pants, shorts or skorts
1 Black or brown belt

*Closed toe shoes

Please note the following:

  • Approved outerwear for in the classroom includes:  black fleece, or black, gray, yellow or white cardigan with IC logo or no logo.  Hoodies are not permitted for the classroom.
  • The yellow shirt color is as shown on the Land’s End school site. Bright yellow is not the uniform color.
  • The above items are required for all students. Families may purchase additional uniform items as shown on the Land’s End site including shorts, skorts, approved outerwear, jumpers, sweaters, blouses, shirts, etc. All APPROVED uniforms are displayed on the INVEST COLLEGIATE: Imagine Land’s End site.
  • Lunch boxes and backpacks may be any color but cannot contain any vulgarity or advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
  • The INVEST COLLEGIATE logo (stars) may not be reproduced in any manner without the written consent of INVEST COLLEGIATE Consortium, Inc. At this time only one vendor, other than INVEST COLLEGIATE, has permission to reproduce the logo. Land’s End is the only vendor with permission to reproduce the logo for IC Imagine. Individuals, organizations, businesses do not have permission to reproduce the logo. Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to this policy.