Parent Volunteers

IC Imagine Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering at IC Imagine!  At IC Imagine, we feel that our families and community members play an important role in the education of our Champions and we welcome volunteers in our school.  There are a variety of Volunteer roles available in our school, all of which depend on reliable volunteers who are held to the same standards as our paid staff members while engaging with our Champions.

Please continue reading for our Volunteer protocol and how you can sign up to help!

The following is required of Volunteers each school year:

PARENT VOLUNTEER APPLICATION (click for application)

Level II Volunteers (Must have current background check, Cost: $14, to be paid by volunteer):

  • Working closely with Champions, unsupervised with groups at times
  • Field Trip Chaperone / Overnight Trip Chaperone
  • Room Parents
  • Reading Groups
  • Tutors
  • Sports Coaches
  • Testing Proctors

SECURE VOLUNTEER BACKGROUND CHECK (click for background check)

Level I Volunteers (no background check is required)

  • Do not volunteer in the building during school hours
  • Are not unsupervised with Champions
  • Take-home work for Collegiate Leaders
  • School Beautification/ Maintenance during non-school hours.

New Volunteer Orientation

If you are a new volunteer, or did not attend a training session in the 2016/17 school year, please sign up for a Volunteer Orientation Session.  All volunteers must attend one orientation training session.


Returning Volunteers

If you are a returning volunteer, and completed a volunteer training session in the 2016/17 school year with the Volunteer Coordinator, you may print the Volunteer Renewal Agreement and return the completed agreement to the front desk, or email directly to our Volunteer Coordinator,

VOLUNTEER RENEWAL AGREEMENT 2018/19 (click for renewal agreement)

Volunteer News

The Volunteer News is a weekly email which includes current volunteer opportunities and SignUp links.  Volunteers are automatically subscribed and can unsubscribe at any time.  If you do not currently receive the newsletter and would like to, you may subscribe via the link below.


For questions, more information, or to check your volunteer status, please contact:

Melissa Strong, Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (828) 633-6491