Parent Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at IC Imagine!  At IC Imagine, we believe our families and community members play an important role in the enrichment of our students’ lives and we welcome volunteers into our school.  There are a variety of volunteer roles available at IC Imagine, all of which depend on reliable volunteers who are held to the same standards as our paid staff members, and who are valued in our school community as leaders while engaging with our students.

There are three steps to becoming a volunteer with IC Imagine:

Let’s Get Started – Register with Volunteer Tracker Volunteer Tracker Logo

IC Imagine now uses Volunteer Tracker by App-garden for volunteer management.  Each Volunteer MUST register with the Volunteer Tracker and have their application approved by the school Volunteer Administrator before signing up for volunteering opportunities.

To register, please visit IC Imagine’s Volunteer Tracker website ( and complete the following steps:

  • Click “New Registration” in green.
  • Key in your email address twice and press continue.
  • Fill out all required fields marked with an asterisk(*) and click “Register”.
  • Once you have registered you must activate your registration, an email will be sent to you. It will come from the user “” and say “ACTION REQUIRED“. It may go to your Spam/Junk/Clutter mailbox, so check there as well.
  • Click on the link in that email to activate your registration.
  • Once your registration is activated, you will complete your Volunteer Application. 
  • You will be notified via email once your application has been approved.
    • If you are a new Volunteer you must attend a Volunteer Orientation, the link is provided with your Volunteer Tracker Registration
    • Level II Volunteers must have a current background check on file (see below).

View Volunteer Tracker’s Volunteer Guide to learn how to use Volunteer Tracker

If you need assistance with the Volunteer tracker, please use their support link.

Level II Volunteers (Must have a current background check, Cost: $16.45, to be paid by the volunteer):

  • Working closely with Champions, unsupervised with groups at times
  • Field Trip Chaperone / Overnight Trip Chaperone 
  • Room Parent
  • Reading Groups
  • Testing Administrators
  • Tutors
  • Sports Coaches
  • Dance Chaperone

Level I Volunteers (no background check is required)

  • Are not unsupervised with students, and faculty
  • Can help with Fundraising opportunities 
  • Take-home work for Collegiate Leaders
  • Testing Proctors
  • School Beautification/ Maintenance 
  • Concession Stand at athletic events
  • Help with IPO activities

All volunteer opportunities will be listed in the Volunteer Tracker.  Once registered, volunteers will be able to select areas of interest and activities they would like to participate in,  view available opportunities, log hours, and receive communications from school coordinators. We are very excited for the level of engagement this system will provide for all of our Volunteers!

*Please note that if you have a current background check on file from the 2021-2022 school year, your Volunteer Tracker application will reflect the expiration date of your current background check upon approval.