Our New K-12 Facility

Our new 116,000 square foot facility is currently under construction and is on schedule to open in the Fall of 2019!  The school will be located on McIntosh Road near West Asheville on 47 acres.  We are already utilizing the outdoor space including a Cross Country and Mountain Biking Trail.  The facility includes:

  • 73 Kindergarten-Twelfth Grade Classrooms
  • 2 Science Laboratories
  • 3 Visual Arts Classrooms
  • 2 Choral Classrooms
  • Band Room
  • Theater Room
  • Gymnasium with Locker Rooms
  • Fine Arts Performing Center
  • Health Clinic
  • Warming Kitchen
  • Pre-school Classroom

See below for regular construction updates from Beverly-Grant:

November 30, 2018

Status Update –

November was a big month for progress on the permanent campus building.  Once all the internal components of the wall panels for the classroom wing were in place, concrete was poured into each of the 38 unique forms.  Throughout the month these panels were poured, finished, and were able to go through a curing period before the forms were ready to be removed.  The 250 Ton crane arrived in the middle of the November and all 38 panels were set and temporarily braced in three days.

December will be filled with continual steel deliveries while crews work to stand and weld all the structural beams into place.  Once the internal supports are secured to the exterior walls and decking is installed, elevated slabs will be poured for the first and second floor.  Concrete crews have shifted to the north side of the building and will continue to work on wall panels for the remainder of the building throughout December.

The project is currently 44% complete and is on schedule for an August of 2019 turnover.


October 30th, 2018

Status Update –

With casting beds in place, the exterior walls can now be formed on top of the concrete slabs.  Each wall section requires a frame to be built as a form for the concrete, rebar to be installed for structural support, and steel embeds to be strategically placed within the panel to connect each wall to the structural steel.  Concrete will be poured into these frames and will then go through a curing period before reaching full strength.  Wood forms will be stripped from the panels before the crane arrives on site in the middle of November to lift them into place.

Structural steel will be erected internally as soon as the exterior tilt walls are secured, and temporary bracing is in place.  These structural beams will connect the exterior walls to the interior steel columns to create the supporting structure for the remainder of the building.  Steel decking will be placed on top of these steel beams to allow elevated concrete slabs to be poured on the upper levels of the building.

The project us currently 37% complete and is on schedule for an August of 2019 turnover.



September 27, 2018

Status Update –

The permanent building is now well underway with most of the foundational support and underground utilities in place.  The cast in place retaining wall for the garden level is nearing completion and once the concrete has cured we can begin backfilling to bring what remains of the 1st floor up to finish grade.

Concrete forms are now in place to pour the slab-on-grade in the auditorium, the gym, and throughout the garden level starting next week.  Once these sections of the floor have cured, they will be utilized as casting areas for us to form and pour the concrete tilt wall panels.  We will be pouring concrete for floors, casting beds, and tilt wall panels throughout the month of October.

The project us currently 30% complete and is on schedule for an August of 2019 turnover.