Medications at School

Some children with special health care needs or chronic conditions require medication administration during school hours. All medications administered by school personnel during school hours must have a written request/authorization that is signed by the parent/legal guardian. Medication administration times must be specific and can only be given up to 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after the time that is specified on the medication form. Students with asthma and/or those who are at risk of anaphylactic allergic reactions, are permitted to possess and self-administer medication on school property within certain parameters. All medications are kept in a secure location and medication administration processes are audited routinely by the school nurse.

For medications prescribed for the treatment of any of the following, please complete and return all of the linked forms (+-requires provider’s signature):

Asthma: +Medical Authorization Form,+ Medication Log, +Asthma Action Plan, and Individual Healthcare Plan

Allergies:+Medical Authorization Form,+ Medication Log, +Allergy Action Plan and Individual Healthcare Plan

Seizures:+Medical Authorization Form,+ Medication Log, +Seizure Action Plan, and Individual Healthcare Plan

Diabetes:+ Medical Management Plan, +Medical Authorization Form, and Medication Log

Any other prescribed medications:+Medical Authorization Form, +Medication Log, Individual Healthcare Plan

In some cases, we are able to administer over the counter medications on an as needed basis. Please provide the Over the Counter Authorization Form and medication(s) in their original packaging, labeled with the student’s name.

Parent/Legal Guardian Responsibilities:

Medication authorization forms for prescription medications must be signed by both the healthcare provider and the parent and are good from the date the order is signed up to the end of one school year.

No student should receive the first dose of a newly prescribed routine medication at school due to unknown response.

Each medication should be provided to the school in a pharmacy-labeled container that includes the child’s name, the name of the medication, the exact dose to be given, route of administration, time/frequency the medication is to be administered, the number of doses in the container, and the expiration date of the medication. If the same medication needs to be given at home and at school, the parent should request two labeled containers from the pharmacist.

Provide the school with new, labeled containers when dosage or medication changes are prescribed, and maintain communication with the school staff regarding any changes in the medical treatment and child’s needs at school

Unused medications must be picked up if they are discontinued or at the end of each school year or they will be disposed of.

Any medication related questions should be directed to the school nurse.