Justice, Equity, Dignity, Inclusion (JEDI)

JEDI Update 11.4.2021

image of Native American in traditional celebration attire

November is Native American Heritage Month.  

What have we been taught about Indigenous History? As children, we probably learned that Columbus “sailed the ocean blue” and accidentally discovered America, erasing the fact that Indigenous people were already living on this land for tens of thousands of years.  The hard truth is that, with Columbus and the European settlers, came disease, slavery, and violence as well as the enormous loss of land for the Natives.

Today, Indigenous people are still fighting for the integrity and viability of their cultures.  Indigenous populations have essentially been erased in most of our history lessons and is the census’ most under counted racial group.  

At ICImagine we strive to give our learners a more complete narrative including Indigenous perspectives and encourage the same at home.

Ways to celebrate Native Heritage Month Locally



Adult Only Resource:

  • Landback.org: Land Back is a campaign that seeks to establish political and economic control to indigenous people in the United States and Canada over land that had historically belonged to them prior to colonization following the Age of Exploration.
  • Lessons learned in teaching Native American History.



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