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This publication is the monthly ImagiNation Insider.  It includes a message from Leadership, important events and highlights from IC Imagine.

Leadership Notes


As you can see, we are counting down to the first day of school and we can’t wait to see you!  We have been hard at work making improvements to our main campus and on our new satellite campus for Upper School.  We have buses,  technology and new faces to celebrate as well.

As we begin our fourth year at IC Imagine, we would like to take time to share with our entire school community information about our budget and the importance of your attendance for the first twenty days of school.

Our projected enrollment for the 17-18 school year is 860 students and our projected revenue for the entire school year is $7,337,866.60.  We will only receive all of this money if we are all present for the first 20 days of school.  The state certifies our membership for the first 20 days of school and this number is the number of children we receive funding for the entire school year.  Your children’s attendance is critical during this time!!!  We need every single student present and accounted for on day one or this budget will be reduced.  Please make every effort to have your children in attendance at school for the first twenty days of school!

We are also making progress towards our long term goal of moving to a permanent campus that will serve our entire student body.  Our permanent campus committee continues to have regular meetings and we are in communication with the developer that holds our lease as he continues the due diligence portion of this process.  We are as anxious as each of you to see this goal become a reality and appreciate your patience as this journey continues.

We are excited to welcome each of you to Open House on Monday, August 7th and to your first day of school on Tuesday, August 8th.   The education of your children within a positive school culture that develops leadership, academic strength and citizenship is our number one priority and we are ready for another fantastic school year.

With anticipation and joy!
Jenn Townley

August 2017

ImagiNation Events
  • Tuesday, 8.8-First Day of School-  Welcome Back!
  • Wednesday, 8.9– No Late Start
  • Monday, 8.21-Solar Eclipse-Eclipse Day for Lower School, Middle and Upper School to Clemson Campus
  • Friday, 8.25–Early Release

Highlights from our ImagiNATION

to our teachers who tied the knot this summer!

Sarah Strain Flood
(1st Grade)

Lisa Leyshon Gennette
(5th Grade)

Congratulations to our teachers who received their Masters Degree this summer!

Andy Pond
(Middle School)

Melana Lombardo
(2nd Grade)

We have Buses!

We will begin with using the buses to transfer our Upper School students back and forth between our current campus and their new campus. We plan to start using the buses for local field trips very soon as well. Once we have developed solid systems for these two uses, we will be surveying for interest in transportation to and from school from satellite locations across the county!

Technology Updates

Our Middle and Upper School Champions will be 1:1 with technology this school year!  Each student in grades 6-12 will be issued a Lenovo Chromebook to further support learning and 21st century skills.  Our Collegiate Leaders are working on innovative ways to support our students with this new technology in their classrooms.  We will also provide training for students in the appropriate use of this technology through the first days of school.

Building Maintenance

Our Facilities Maintenance Director, Mr. Johnny Gillis, and his team, have been hard at work this summer prepping our building for the new school year.  We are excited to welcome Champions to a freshly painted, cleaned and organized campus!  What a great way to kick-off the new school year!

Open House Information

Lower School Open House ScheduleMonday, August 7, 2017

Kindergarten & 2nd Grade: 8:00am-9:00am

1st & 5th Grade: 9:00am – 10:00am

3rd Grade: 10:00am – 11:00am

4th Grade: 11:00am – Noon

At Open House you can expect to:
  • Meet your teacher & visit your classroom
  • Pick up important forms
  • Drop off supplies (Find your supply list HERE)
Then, you can visit these stations:
  • Car Tag Info/Pick Up
  • Medication Drop Off
  • Spirit Wear Sale
  • Bricks4Kidz
  • Imagine Community Partners (our Parent/Teacher Organization)
  • Uniform Consignment Sale, and more!

Middle School Open House 

We will host our Middle School open house on Monday, August 7th from 1:00 – 3:00pm. This will be an opportunity for your champion to meet his/her teacher, see the new layout of middle school, and to pick up their schedule. We are excited to welcome our champions back to school.

Upper School Open House 

We will host two Open House events, both on Monday 8/7 at the Montreat South Campus located at:

29 Turtle Creek Dr.
Asheville, NC 28803

 to give you a chance to see the building while you get the information you need about starting school.

Rising 9th Graders, please join us for the Upper School Freshmen Summit on Monday 8/7 from 8-10am.  During this time we will get to know each other while receiving important information about what it’s like to be a part of Upper School. Please drop off your students at 8:00 and pick them up at 10:00.  Parents will have an opportunity to tour the building at 10:00 after you’ve picked up your child.  

Rising 10-12 Graders will have a chance to see the new space on Monday 8/7 from 2-4pm.  Please drop in with your child to pick-up their schedule and meet their teachers or ask any questions you might have.

In School Medications

If your Champion will need to have medication at school for the 2017/18 school year, you will need to submit a new Medication Form and Log, which will need to be completed and signed by your Champion’s doctor.

You can access these forms here.

You may bring medication and all necessary forms with you during Open House on Monday, August 7th.

If you have questions or need to pick up medication from the 2016/17 school year, please email Kerri Eudy.  (

IC Imagine Spirit Wear!
We will have new spirit wear tees for sale during Open House!
The bright white tees feature our newly redesigned logo in black & white. 
$16 each
Available Sizes
Youth: S, M, L
Adult: S, M, L
Pick one up so your Champion is ready on our first Early Release Day, August 25th!

Imagine Community Partners (ICP)ICP will be at Open House selling IC Imagine Car Magnets along with sharing information on ways to be more involved in our IC Imagine Community.

ICP will also be hosting a Uniform Consignment Sale, a great time to pick up any uniform pieces you may be needing!

If you are a current family or an incoming family and not receiving ICP’s weekly emails, please click here to sign-up. We encourage all families to join ICP, our parent-teacher organization.

Beginning of Year
Information & Reminders
Wednesday, August 9th is NOT a Late Start Wednesday

Arrival & Dismissal*This process will refer to all students at the main campus (K-8) with the exception of approved Student Drivers until further notice.

* While in the arrival or dismissal line, please be fully engaged and refrain from using Cell Phones.

Arrival  (7:25 – 7:55)

All cars will use the same procedure for arrival. The arrival line will open at 7:25 each morning in the front of the school (the side facing Brevard Road). Collegiate Leaders will be outside to assist with drop-off and opening car doors. Students will enter the building through 2 doors: the main door and the single door past the art room.

* You must be on the side of the building adjacent to Brevard Road before your child may exit the car. Your child may ONLY exit the car from the RIGHT side.

* All Champions (K-8) MUST use the arrival line or you must park in an ICI designated parking space and walk your child to the door.  You MUST use a crosswalk if you are walking your child into school.  

* Please follow the signals given by the Collegiate Leaders directing traffic and at the crosswalks.

At 7:55, the arrival line will close. If you are bringing your child after 7:55, you will need to park in the IC Imagine parking area and walk your student in.  At 8:00, your Champion will be tardy, and you will need to sign them at the front desk LobbyGuard Kiosk.
This applies to ALL Champions (K-8).

(begins at 2:30 depending on the dismissal 
scenario that applies to your family)

We will have Asheville PD on site the first week of school to help with traffic control.  We ask that you allow extra time for pick-up during the first weeks of school while our system becomes established for all families, your patience and cooperation is appreciated and will ensure that our dismissal runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
Blue Tag: Kindergarten Only
Purple Tag: K – 5 Champions
Yellow Tag: Any combination including
a Middle School Champion
Green Tag: All carpool families

 Please visit our Arrival & Dismissal page for more information in how our Car Lines operate.

Upper School Champions:
Arrival By Car: 
All students who arrive by automobile must be dropped off or parked in the parking lot to the left of the building where the satellite campus is located.  We will have staff on the sidewalks, just like at Main Campus, to help ensure they safely arrive to the building from the lot.  Families are NOT permitted to park directly in front of the building at any time.

The building will be open at 7:30, no students may be dropped off prior to that time.  If you need to drop off before 7:30 you are welcome to bring them to the Main Campus at by 7:15 to be transported via bus.

Arrival By Bus: 
Please arrive at the IC Imagine Main Campus by 7:15 if your Champion is riding to the satellite campus via bus.  The sibling that is remaining on Main Campus will have a Collegiate Leader to stay with until arrival for everyone else begins at 7:25.  Pete Hutchens will be the Collegiate Leader who will be supervising these Champions.  He will meet them at the front door and then escort them, as a whole, to his room as soon as the bus departs.

Students will be dropped off near the sidewalk on the side of the building where a Collegiate Leader will escort them safely to the doors of the satellite campus via the sidewalk.

Any student utilizing bus transport will be required to have a Bus Permission Form completed and on file PRIOR to them being able to use IC Imagine buses as transportation.

Dismissal by Car: 
All students being dismissed by car will be picked up or depart from the parking lot on the side of the building.  We will have Collegiate Leaders with Walkies who will contact the Collegiate Leaders inside the building when their rides arrive. We will need a tag completed prior to being able to retrieve the Champion, just as they do at Main Campus, this can be done during Open House.  Dismissal will occur at 3:00pm.  There will be no pick-ups between 2:30-3:00.

Student drivers will need to have a parking pass prior to being able to drive themselves to school. This can be done during Open House. They will be escorted to the spaces by a Collegiate Leader to ensure their safety around the bus and traffic.

Dismissal by Bus:
Students using the bus as transportation will be dismissed at 2:55.  The bus should arrive to IC Imagine Main Campus by 3:25. Please have grace with us during the first few days as we get our systems underway.  Our trials have run between 14-20 minutes depending on time of day and traffic.  If your child is using SCOPES for after school care, they will be sent directly there. If they are being picked up, they will wait for you at the front of the building.

If you are signing a child out during the day, you are permitted to park in front of the building but please be sensitive to the fact that Southeastern Sports Medicine has clients with injuries who benefit from parking nearest to the building.

After-school activities for Upper School students will be limited at this time due to Montreat College courses that take place in the evening. If we are going to host an after school activity please look for details about where it will be taking place as it is likely to occur at Main Campus until we start at Imagine East Campus.

Please contact me at

First Week of School Kindergarten Staggered Schedule:

  • August 8th, Tuesday– Half day, with only half the class starting while, the other half stays home: Dismissal starts at 11:00am
  • August 9th, Wednesday-Half day, with only half the class starting while, the other half stays home:  Dismissal starts at 11:00am   
  • August 10th, Thursday– Half day, with the WHOLE CLASS:  Dismissal starts at 11:00am
  • August 11th, Friday– FIRST FULL DAY OF SCHOOL: Dismissal starts at 2:30pm

You will be receiving email contact from your Collegiate Leader shortly to let you know when your Champion’s first day will be.

First Day of School 1st Grade Staggered Schedule:

  • August 8th, Tuesday– with the WHOLE CLASS:   Dismissal starts at 11:00am

IC Imagine
2017-2018 Required Uniform Attire

1 Collared Shirt (White,Yellow, Black or Gray)
1 Pair of Khaki Uniform Pants or shorts
1 Black or brown Belt

*Closed toe shoes

1 Collared Shirt (White,Yellow, Black or Gray)
1 Pair of Khaki pants, shorts or skorts
1 Black or brown belt

*Closed toe shoes

Please note the following:

  • Approved outerwear for in the classroom includes:  black fleece, or black, gray, yellow or white cardigan with IC logo or no logo.  Hoodies are not permitted for the classroom.
  • The yellow shirt color is as shown on the Land’s End school site. Bright yellow is not the uniform color.
  • The above items are required for all students. Families may purchase additional uniform items as shown on the Land’s End site including shorts, skorts, approved outerwear, jumpers, sweaters, blouses, shirts, etc. All APPROVED uniforms are displayed on the INVEST COLLEGIATE: Imagine Land’s End site.
  • Lunch boxes and backpacks may be any color but cannot contain any vulgarity or advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
  • The INVEST COLLEGIATE logo (stars) may not be reproduced in any manner without the written consent of INVEST COLLEGIATE Consortium, Inc. At this time only one vendor, other than INVEST COLLEGIATE, has permission to reproduce the logo. Land’s End is the only vendor with permission to reproduce the logo for IC Imagine. Individuals, organizations, businesses do not have permission to reproduce the logo. Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to this policy.

Music Department
5k logo ici.jpg
September 2, 2017
9am @ Carrier Park…/ic-imagine-fine-a…/2017/register

Calling all runners and walkers!! Come join us at Carrier Park on Saturday, September 2 for our second annual Fine Arts 5K and Fun Run sponsored by Morton Insurance Agency!  The route will be through Carrier Park and will feature performances by our very own IC Imagine band students.

This year we are offering a 1 mile Fun Run as well! All participants will have the opportunity to tie-dye their race t-shirts after they cross the finish line.  All levels of runners and walkers are welcome to participate!

Awards will be given to the top male and female finishers, as well as the top finishers in each age group for the 5k.  Early registration before August 19 for the 5k is $25.00, and $10.00 for the fun run, and you will be guaranteed a t-shirt.

Online registration will still be available for the 5k from August 20-August 30 for $30.00 but you will not be guaranteed a t-shirt.

If you have not yet registered you can still run! Race day registration will open at 8:00 AM at Carrier Park (500 Amboy Road, Asheville, NC, 28806). Please note that the cost will be $35.00 and you will not be guaranteed a t-shirt.

All proceeds from the race will benefit the Fine Arts Departments of IC Imagine Charter School in Asheville, NC.

Getting to know our ImagiNation
New Faculty Members
Welcome to IC Imagine!

Jennifer Gardner,
Kindergarten Assistant
My name is Jenn Gardner and I am a Kindergarten assistant here at IC Imagine. I have two children that have attended IC Imagine for the last three years. I grew up in Barnardsville and I graduated from East Carolina University. I am currently in my last year of the Reading Masters Education Program at East Carolina University.
Stephanie Frady,
Kindergarten Assistant
Anne Beckett,
K – 5 Spanish
My name is Anne Beckett and I’m the new Lower School Spanish Collegiate Leader. My husband and I have four sons and two grandsons. I attended UNC-CH, La Universidad de Sevilla in Spain and graduated from WCU. I earned National Board Certification in 2004. I have been teaching Spanish for almost 20 years now. I am so excited to be part of the IC Imagine family! I love the Spanish language and culture and am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with your children.
Stacie Holm,
First Grade CL
My name is Stacie Holm and I am very excited to teach first grade at IC Imagine this year! I was born and raised in Connecticut where I received a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. After teaching first grade in Connecticut for 6 years, I moved to the desert where I became a Testing Coordinator and Computer Teacher for an elementary school in Southern Utah. I held this position for the last 3 years while exploring the beautiful national parks in that area. Now, my husband and I have returned to the East Coast and are very excited to begin a new adventure in Asheville.
Tammy Oakes,
Third Grade CL
My name is Tammy Oakes and I will be joining the third grade team here at IC Imagine. I previously taught in Hawaii for 8 years where I received my Masters Degree in Elementary Education. I will be relocating from Delaware to Asheville with my husband and two children. I have been home for the last few years with my two sons and I am very excited to get back into the classroom!
Eric Walsh,
Fifth Grade CL
My name is Eric Walsh. I came to IC Imagine from North Buncombe Elementary. I am excited to start a new adventure here alongside my wife who is teaching 7th grade math. I enjoy traveling, reading, the outdoors, and old school video games.
Jami Shimer,
6th Grade Science & Social Studies
My name is Jami Shimer and I am the 6th grade Science and Social Studies teacher at IC Imagine. I also have the privilege of leading our first National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) chapter for IC Imagine. Seventh through ninth graders watch for more information on this in September- and feel free to contact me with any questions. My husband and two daughters moved to North Carolina from Florida this July, and we are all thrilled to join the ICI community.
Jordan McEwan,
Middle School EC
Hi everyone! My name is Jordan McEwen, and I am the Middle school Exceptional Children teacher for ELA. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University, and my Master’s from The George Washington University. I just recently moved to Asheville from Washington DC, where I taught for two years, and I’m looking forward to a great school year!
Sue Fair,
Middle/Upper Theatre & Chorus
My name is Sue Fair and I am the Middle and Upper School Theatre & Chorus Collegiate Leader here at IC Imagine. I grew up in Hendersonville but went away to college at Florida State University where I started my family and career. I was given the opportunity to make a jump closer to home when offered a job as a professor at Gardner-Webb University 5 years ago with the hope of moving home in the future. The future is NOW, I am so happy to finally be officially home and a part of the Imagine family!
Elizabeth Losch,
Upper School Math & Science
Hello! I am the Math III and Earth & Environmental Sciences Collegiate Leader this year at IC Imagine. Outside of school, you can find me camping, hiking, star gazing, baking, reading, and hopefully biking and rock climbing now that we are back in the mountains. I have my B.S. in Geology & Environmental GeoSciences, my M.S. in Experiential Education, and an Advanced Graduate degree in NonProfit Management & Leadership, all of which play an integral part in my planning and teaching. I look forward to a great year.
Veronica Walsh,
7th Grade Math
My name is Veronica Walsh and I am excited to join the Middle School team here at IC Imagine. I will be teaching Math and I hope to pass on my love of math to my students. I grew up in Harkers Island, NC then moved to Wilmington, NC to get my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at UNCW. My husband is also joining the IC Imagine team here as a 5th grade teacher. I have been a math tutor for the last two years in 5th and 6th grade math here in Western NC and am excited to have my own classroom!
Chelsey Montgomery,
Assistant Band Director
My name is Chelsey Montgomery and I am the new assistant band director here at IC Imagine! I look forward to working with Shawn Wellman and all of the band students in our middle and upper schools! Before coming to IC Imagine, I was the band director at Rosman Middle and High School. I play a variety of different instruments however my main instruments is saxophone. I am originally from southeastern Michigan where my family still resides and recently finished my Master’s Degree in Music Education from Anderson University. My husband and I live in Brevard with our two sweet dogs, Fynn and Charlotte! We love hiking, camping, and lots of other outdoor activities. I am thrilled to begin working at IC Imagine!
Taylor Yeates,
Middle School Spanish
Robyn Shevory,
Upper School ELA
I am Robyn Shevory, and this is my first year at ICI. This will be my eighth year teaching English in North Carolina, and I am extremely excited to add Civics to my course list this year. After a brief hiatus in Colorado where I obtained my MA from Colorado State University, I returned to North Carolina and enjoy hiking, reading, and cooking. I am thrilled to be joining the ICI community and looking forward to a wonderful school year.
Eric Stalowy,
Upper School Spanish
My name is Eric Stalowy and I am the new Upper School Spanish Collegiate Leader. I have been studying and speaking Spanish for over fifteen years at both the collegiate level and throughout my experiences as a pro soccer play, paramedic, assistant teacher, whitewater kayaker. My wife and I moved to Asheville after college in 2005 and have since then been joined by our son Mac and my Father-in-law who we loving refer to as “pop-pop”. I am very excited to begin working with the Champions of IC Imagine and look forward to growing and collaborating with IC Imagine community of Faculty and Parents.
Trevor Sawicki,
Upper School EC
My name’s Trevor Sawicki, and I’m IC Imagine’s new, fresh-faced Upper School EC Teacher! I was born and raised in Sacramento, California, but in 2007 I made my way down to Canton, NC, where I’ve lived ever since! I have a BS in Environmental Studies from UNCA and was originally certified in 6-9 science and 9-12 science; after I graduated, I got add-on licensure in 6-9 math and general curriculum EC. This is my first year of teaching ever, and I’m super excited to spend that first year at IC Imagine; the atmosphere cultivated here is by far the most positive and conducive to academic growth I have seen, and I am glad to know that the IC Imagine community shares my belief that every child is capable of succeeding in school! My spare time is typically spend tending to my three dogs and catching up on the latest from PopSci.
Sabrina Mueller,
Upper School Front Office
Hello, my name is Sabrina Mueller and I am the new upper school administrative assistant. My husband and I have two amazing daughters that attend ICI and we have been in Asheville since 2006. I graduated from NC State University with a degree in landscape design. Other hats I wear are yoga instructor, wellness blogger, and Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. I’m always up for an epic outdoor adventure, or spontaneous yoga in random locations. I am super excited about this school year and look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

ImagiNation Important Info

Boxed LunchChampions are expected to bring their lunch daily, however, we offer a Boxed Lunch option for families who would like the convenience of having lunch delieverd to their champion at school.  All orders are placed through  Currently, two orders are open:  One, for the last two weeks of August; the second is for September lunches.

Moving forward, Lunch Ordering will open on the 1st and close on the 16th for lunch delivery in the following month.

Visit our Boxed Lunch Page for more information and to place an order.


Here are the August 2017 Early Care and After School online registration links.  After school care will start on August 8th. Please make sure all paper forms have been turned in as well as registration online has been completed. We will not pick up any student that we do not have a confirmed pick up schedule for.



August After School Online Registration

August 2017 Early Care Online Registration

Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers are an integral part of our IC Imagine community.  If you are interested in Volunteering for the 2017/18 school year, please sign up for our Volunteer Newsletter here.

Parent Resources/Useful Links

2017 Summer Reading List

2017/18 School Supply Lists

Learning Heroes Readiness Roadmap

Soon to be Teen Driver?
Visit for practice permit and road sign tests and more! 

Looking for fun, family-friendly events in our area?
Visit to see whats going on!

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
― Albert Einstein

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