Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for my student to attend IC Imagine?

Fill out an application for enrollment on our website at Depending on when you apply, you will either be entered into the lottery or given a spot on the waitlist.

What are the school hours?

Every year, we communicate the arrival and dismissal specifics for that year. Currently, the school day begins at 8:00am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesdays we start school approximately an hour and a half later to provide additional collaboration time for teachers, so the school day begins for students at 9:30am on Wednesdays. On these late-start mornings, we do offer ASCEND early care. See information below about this opportunity.

Does IC Imagine follow the Buncombe County Schools’ or another local school district’s calendar?

No. We are on a modified year-round calendar. This involves two short breaks (one week in the fall and two weeks in the spring) and two longer breaks (one summer break and a winter break from Thanksgiving through New Years).

Do you offer camps during the breaks?

Our camps are currently targeted toward students in grades K-8.  We hope in the future to offer camps that are focused on academic or social needs and geared toward the ages of students in Upper School as well.

Does IC Imagine follow Buncombe County Schools’ or another local school district’s decisions for inclement weather?

No. We make a decision independently, evaluating the conditions in Buncombe County and the surrounding areas. Once we make a decision, we communicate school closings and delays on our website, Facebook page, via family email, via family Remind text, and on News 13 WLOS.

What are my lunch options?

We are a nut-free school. All lunches and snacks should not contain any nuts. Families are required to pack a lunch daily for their Champions. Please be mindful that we will not be able to heat food up for your child and that microwaves will not be accessible to Champions.

We offer boxed lunch options most months, which is an optional program for your convenience. Menus will be posted on the IC Imagine website and you will order for one month at a time. Prices vary depending on the meal served.

Does your school have a cafeteria?

We do not have a traditional cafeteria on our campus.  Lower School students eat in their classrooms and Middle and Upper School students use open areas inside and outside (when weather permits) for larger groups to gather and socialize during lunch.

Does IC Imagine offer transportation?

Not currently. We have 2 busses that we use for field trips and extracurricular activities. Transportation to and from IC Imagine is the responsibility of each family.

IC Imagine is working to create and implement a comprehensive Transportation Plan made up of community satellite bus stops to support our families who reside throughout Buncombe County and are in need of transportation support. All students will be required to submit an application and sign a Bus Rider Agreement to use the transportation system. IC Imagine’s bus service will be limited and prioritized based on need and hardship.

Does IC Imagine offer before school and after school care?

Yes. The ASCEND program operates daily until 6:00pm to provide care for students after school. On Wednesday mornings, ASCEND also offers before school care from 7:30 until 9:00am. For more information contact

What is the IC Imagine uniform?

All Champions must be wearing the appropriate IC Imagine school uniform to school each day, including field trips. The IC Imagine uniform includes the following: navy, white, grey or black polo shirt, uniform style khaki bottoms, solid white, grey or black tights and for outerwear: solid black, grey, white, navy sweater or a black fleece.  For more detailed information, see the enclosed Uniform information sheet or the IC Imagine school website.

I noticed there is a Preschool classroom; does that mean you will have a preschool program?

Yes, we plan to open a preschool in the future. However, we are not planning to open the preschool at the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

What kind of field trips can families expect?

Typically, in lower school, grade levels go on approximately 1 field trip per quarter. These include cultural experiences, trips tied to grade level standards, service learning and trips focused on the fine arts. Grade levels also add in additional on-campus experiences to extend and deepen students’ learning. In Middle and Upper School, there are grade level experiences, course specific experiences, service learning trips and college visits. Beginning in fifth grade, students experience overnight trips.

What is a typical day like for a Lower School student?

The daily schedule is grade level dependent, but for the most part, it follows a general structure that is similar.

  • Morning Meeting – Entire grade level together (30 min)
  • English/Language Arts – Strategic reading and writing instruction on grade level standards along with small group instruction (approx. 90 min)
  • Math – Instruction on grade level standards along with small group instruction (approx. 60 min)
  • Science – Instruction on grade level standards (approx. 30 min)
  • Social Studies – Instruction on grade level standards (approx. 30 min)
  • Recess – 2 times per day (20 min each), 1 time (30 min) on Wednesdays
  • Investments – 1 per day: Music, Visual Arts, Spanish, PE, or Theatre (45 min each)
  • CLIMB – Enrichment/ Intervention block where students receive support or enrichment on grade level standards based on need. (approx. 30 min)
  • Grade level dependent parts of the day:
  • Independent Reading Time (length of time varies by age)
  • Play Centers (Kindergarten only)

What is a typical day like for Middle and Upper School students?

Both Middle and Upper School operate on a 7 period day. Each class period is approximately 45 minutes long. There is a Recharge period between 2nd and 3rd period that lasts for approximately 15 minutes. Middle and Upper School students have 30 minutes for CLIMB (Enrichment/ Intervention block where students receive support or enrichment on grade level standards based on need) and 30 minutes for lunch.

How much time do children spend in recess / participating in physical education?

Lower School: Students have two twenty minute recesses on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and one thirty minute recess on Wednesdays. students also have physical education, which happens outside (mostly), once a week. When the weather does not permit us to go outside, students receive indoor recess.

Middle School: Middle school students take PE daily. There is a Recharge period between 2nd and 3rd period that lasts for approximately 15 minutes.

Upper School: Upper School students are required to take one PE course for graduation. They may elect to take additional PE courses. There is a Recharge period between 2nd and 3rd period that lasts for approximately 15 minutes.

What are your plans for the outdoor space at the new facility?

We have a Land Use Committee that has created a master plan for our 47 acres that includes several phases of work. At this time, the committee is planning to focus all of its initial phase on the space directly surrounding the building. Mountain biking and cross country trails have already been established on the property.

How do families receive communication from the school?

Lower School families receive weekly Grade Level newsletters and bi-monthly Lower School newsletters, while families of Middle School students receive a newsletter every week that details what is happening at our school, in individual courses, and in our community.  Upper School families receive a newsletter every two weeks with school, course, and community information.

We also send a whole school newsletter (ImagiNATION Insider) each month.  We send important reminders via email and post them to our school social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.  Many teachers also communicate via Google Classroom when necessary to help students and families in their courses.  Google Classroom allows for families to receive updates about their child’s progress and assignments in their classes. In addition, our Parent Portal via PowerSchool allows for parents/guardians and students to stay updated on their current grades and attendance.

What is the behavior system teachers and staff use?

At IC Imagine, we believe in a proactive positive reinforcement system to encourage appropriate behaviors. To that end, we have developed a matrix to use with our Champions to teach appropriate behaviors and use consistent language among our faculty and student body.  We utilize this system to continue supporting our children as they learn to Value, Engage and Be a Leader. Lower School Champions receive stars and Middle and Upper School students receive tickets for following the core expectations at IC Imagine (Engage, Value and Be a Leader),which can be exchanged for prizes or rewards.

How do you deal with bullying and discipline violations?

As with any incident of student behavior, the IC Imagine administrators must exercise informed judgment as to whether a student’s actions constitute a violation of Board policy and/or regulation. Consequences are actions taken by school administrators in response to a violation of the Code of Conduct. Moreover, if a behavior is deemed a criminal offense by local authorities and such offense is not identified in this Code of Student Conduct, the consequence may be expulsion from IC Imagine. Restitution for loss or damage will be required in addition to any other prescribed consequences. Repeated chronic or cumulative offenses may require higher levels of interventions/consequences. For serious violations, interventions/consequences may begin at a higher level.

Additionally, we are committed to providing tiered levels of intervention and support to students who struggle with behavior in the school setting.  Interventions are aimed at reducing continued and/or escalation of inappropriate behaviors or violations of the code of conduct. Consequences and interventions may be used simultaneously.

How much support do teachers get?

All of our teachers receive timely feedback and support from our administrative team. Teachers also have support from their participation in collaborative teams that meet on a daily and weekly basis. Additionally, our beginning teachers participate in a beginning teacher program for the first three years they are with us.

What is the turnover rate for teachers?

On average, 5% of our teachers do not return from one year to the next.

How do you meet the needs of the range of learners that come to you?

Our goal is to meet students where they are, and grow them from there. We meet children exactly as they come to us in all areas (including academic, emotional and/or social needs)  and find a way to support them to maximize their potential. It is our goal that students demonstrate a year’s growth each year.

What athletics do you offer?

We currently offer Men’s/Women’s Soccer, Men’s/Women’s Basketball, Co-ed Cross Country, Men’s/Women’s Mountain Biking and Cheerleading for Middle and Upper School students.

What clubs do you offer?

Each year since we opened, we have been able to offer more clubs than the year prior. We will continue to offer clubs based on student interest.

For Lower School, current club offerings include: Adventure Club, Yoga Club, Destination Imagination, Tennis Club, Bricks for Kidz, Battle of the Books, and Lower School Chorus.

For Middle School students, current club offerings include: Adventure Club, Yoga Club, Destination Imagination, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band, Math Counts, National Junior Honors Society, Junior Thespians, and Ultimate Frisbee Club.

For Upper School students students, current club offerings include: Adventure Club, Destination Imagination, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band, International Thespians Society, National Honors Society, and Ultimate Frisbee Club.

What are Middle School Houses?

Every Middle School student at IC Imagine is placed in one of six houses. Houses are comprised of students from grades 6-8.  Houses meet weekly to discuss relevant information, play games, and participate in team building activities.

Do students have to audition for Fine Arts classes in Middle and Upper School?

Students do not have to audition for beginning level Fine Arts classes.  If a student chooses to take beginner band, they will need to do an instrument assessment with a band director in order to make sure they are placed on an instrument where they are likely to be the most successful.  Beyond the beginner level (typically 6th grade), students will then have the opportunity to audition or complete a portfolio in order to enroll in an advanced level course within their chosen Fine Art.

What advanced classes are offered and how is it decided who participates in these courses?

We use data and input from teacher recommendations to suggest the courses that students should take each year.  For Upper School, most of our academic courses are offered at the standard and honors level.  In 10th grade and beyond our course offerings begin to include Advanced Placement options. In 11th grade, students are able to start taking advantage of Dual Enrollment courses with AB Tech, allowing for the opportunity to earn college credit in some cases.  We always encourage students to take the most rigorous course load appropriate for their individual strengths and needs.

Can my child earn High School credit for Spanish in Middle School?

Many of our students complete Spanish 1 by the end of their 8th grade year.  These students earn one of their credits for Spanish by following this model and can choose to take additional credits of Spanish once they complete Spanish 2 while in Upper School.

Is Spanish required all 4 years in Upper School?

Students are currently required to take Spanish I and Spanish II and can continue if they wish.  We encourage them to do so in order to allow for a well-balanced experience in grades 9-12.