Fine Arts Playbill


The Fine Arts are an essential component of an IC Imagine education.  Beginning in Kindergarten, all students are exposed to the arts and begin to develop their skills, appreciation, and dedication to becoming well-rounded citizens.

Our Fine Arts Playbill is one way we generate funds to support this facet of our school.  Through the playbill, we offer local companies the opportunity to advertise to our families while simultaneously supporting the arts.  Some companies may choose for their ads to include coupons which can be redeemed and offer an additional incentive to families to support them.

The Playbill is read and kept by our performing arts audiences.  They are distributed for the entire 2018-2019 school year at all of our Fine Arts events, such as band and choral concerts, elementary music performances, theatre performances, and more!  By purchasing an ad, you ensure your advertisement will be distributed at more than 15 Fine Arts events, exposed to over 5,000 audience members and in distribution for more than 6 months.

We hope you will consider supporting our Fine Arts program with the purchase of an advertisement.

For questions or more information, contact our Fine Arts Director Erika Wellman or Development Committee Chair Avery Jones