End of Year Item Pick Up and Drop Off

Item Pick Up/Drop Off:

    • Beginning Monday, June 8, we will have designated times/hours for your family to come through the arrival/dismissal loop to pick up and drop off items.  The following items need to be returned to school:
      • All Chromebooks, iPads, chargers, headphones, and technology devices that belong to IC Imagine
        • Please remember that all devices MUST be returned to IC Imagine.  We have several devices that are leased and have to be returned in order for us to purchase new technology over the summer.
      • Any sports uniform or equipment that belongs to IC Imagine
      • All chorus music and choral uniforms (dress, bow tie, vest, blouse) 
      • All band instruments that belong to IC Imagine
      • All Willy Wonka scripts
  • To prepare your student items for drop off, please do the following:
    • Place all student belongings into bags (plastic shopping bags)
    • Place all bags containing student belongings into the trunk of your car
    • Write the last name of your students in large, legible writing on a piece of paper and place the paper on the front dashboard of your vehicle when you arrive at the school
      • If you’re picking up/dropping off for two family names, please display both names on the paper in your dashboard. Please use the last name that falls earlier in the alphabet to determine your designated pick up/drop off date and time.

picture of name in dashboard picture of plastic bags in trunk

  • We will also be handing out items for your student to pick up from school.  These will include the following:
    • Student medications
    • Lower School student classroom items and belongings
    • Fifth and Eighth Grade Graduation Certificates/ programs
    • Basketball hoodies
  • Please plan to drop off/pick up items corresponding to the first letter of your last name according to the following schedule:

schedule of item drop off and pick up


  • When you arrive, please follow the expectations below:
    • Use only Lane 3 (the far right hand lane of the arrival/ dismissal loop).
    • Follow all directives of the staff members on site.
    • Cars will be pulled into the student drop off/pick up zone and directed to a cone numbered 1-8. 
    • Once you are parked at your numbered cone, if you have the ability to do so, please pop your trunk. If you cannot open your trunk from inside your car, please be sure that your trunk is unlocked.
    • We will be running all pick up/ drop off via the arrival line. In the interest of everyone’s safety, please do not get out of your vehicle.

**If you do not have another way to engage with our End of the Year activities (Virtual Field Day, graduations, and moving up week etc), please fill out this form so that we are aware that you need to keep your device and we can make arrangements to have you return it at a later date. We still ask you to visit school the week of 6.8 to drop off your other items and pick up your Lower School student’s belongings.**