Dismissal of students begins at 2:40 pm.  Families should use the chart below to determine which procedure applies to them and then adhere to that arrival time.  Families can always arrive after the line opens time, but may not arrive before the specified time.  For families with children in more than one grade level, then they must use the car tag color that corresponds with their OLDEST child’s grade level.

  • Kindergarten ONLY Blue
  • Any combination of K-5 ONLY Yellow 
  • Any combination that includes Middle and Upper School Students → Purple
  • ONLY Middle and Upper School Students → Green

arrival and dismissal chart

** Please note: Sign-outs for early pick-ups will end each day at 2:20 for Lower School Students (K-5). Sign-outs for early pick-ups will end each day at 3:00 for Middle and Upper School Students (6-12th).  You will not be able to walk in to pick up children after their dismissal has already begun.

** General Dismissal Guidelines

  • Use your turn signal at the entrance to the school.
  • Your car tag should be visible to staff from a long distance.
  • Your car tag should be displayed from the time you enter campus until after your child is in your car. 
  • Please keep all gaps between cars closed!
  • Our campus is tobacco/vape free.  Do not use these substances/items in the car line.
  • While in the arrival or dismissal line, please be fully engaged and refrain from using cell phones.
  • It is imperative that you always follow staff member directives during arrival and dismissal to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • In order to avoid further traffic congestion, please continue to Pond Road after turning right out of our campus.  Do not make a U-turn and re-enter traffic on McIntosh Road.
  • Please remember, pedestrians always have the right of way. 
  • Please adhere to the dismissal windows for your car tag color. 
  • Lower School ONLY (Yellow and Blue tags) dismissal ends at 3:00. 
  • Middle and Upper School students are in class until 3:10. Purple and Green tags will not be permitted to enter the line early. 
  • Arriving prior to your designated arrival time or forming a line on our campus prior to the car line opening creates a chaotic and unsafe situation for our school.  If you arrive early, you will be asked to leave.