Device Distribution

Devices are ready to be picked up for students in grades 2-8. Your family should pick the window of time by family name that works best for your schedule (families with more than one last name should pick the window that works best for them). Please note that these pick up windows are ONLY for students in grades 2-8. Students in grades K-1 and 9-12 will need to return to pick up their devices at a later time. Please note that we are distributing devices based upon their readiness, as we did purchase new technology over the summer.  It is important that you only use the designated time for your student(s) to pick up their device(s).

During your scheduled time, you will enter the arrival/dismissal loop at 110 Champion Way.  We will have faculty members stationed at intervals to assist you along the way.  All cars will need to have the first and last name as well as grade level of all students for whom you are picking up a device written in large, legible handwriting and displayed in the dashboard of your vehicle.

 Picture of windshield with names displayed

You will be required to read and submit a signed Computer Use Policy and a Student Device User Agreement for each student prior to receiving their devices from IC Imagine.  If you would like to print and sign the agreement before arriving at IC Imagine you can find the form here.  If you do not have a signed agreement with you when you arrive to pick up your student’s device(s), you will receive one in line and be required to fill it out for each IC Imagine student prior to receiving your device(s).

We are also working on preparing some supplies that students will need for working remotely, so there is a possibility that you will also receive additional supplies when coming through the line.  If you have a student that is returning to our band program and uses a school-owned instrument, they will also be picking up those instruments at that time.