Collegiate Leaders


Kristy Stiefel (Lead Teacher)

Emmalee Ellis

Kelly Hanna

Angie Smith

Rebecca Nilo

First Grade

Rebecca Barker

Stacie Holm

Stephanie White

Jenny Knight

Sarah Strain

Second Grade

Melana Lombardo

Lindsey McEntire

Maggie Powell

Catharine Laufer

Third Grade

Tammy Oakes

Kellie Weeks

Shealin Eldridge

Tracy Hewitt

Fourth Grade

Sue Freeman

Pete Hutchens

Patty Burgess

Emily Greenelsh

Fifth Grade

Eric Walsh

Ellen Lafferty

Lisa Leyshon

Katlyn Swanson


Wendy Kearns (Healthy Living)

Anne Beckett (Spanish)

Erika Wellman (Music and Theater)

Clint Jackson (Visual Arts)

Exceptional Children

Candice Stover (third grade-fifth grade)

Carter Payne

Jennifer Peeples

Middle School

Andy Pond (6th Grade Math)

Veronica Walsh (7th Grade Math)

Serena Lynch (8th Grade Math)

Alicia Rogers (6th ELA and Social Studies)

Hannah Heal (7th Grade ELA)

Jon Marsden (8th Grade ELA and 7th Grade Science)

Catherine Austell (7th and 8th Grade Social Studies)

Jami Shimer (6th Grade Social Studies and Science)

Meridith Mitchell (6th and 7th Science)


Kyle Higgins (Healthy Living)

Mathew Martin (Healthy Living)

Taylor Yeates (Spanish)

Shannon Vaden (Spanish)

Shawn Wellman (Band Director)

Chelsey Montgomery (Assistant Band Director)

Sue Fair (Middle and Upper Chorale and Theater Arts)

Nate Barton (Visual Arts)

Exceptional Children

Amy Cornett (Middle School)

Sara Olson (Middle School)

Jordan McEwen (Middle School)

Upper School

Chelsea Lafferty (Math)

Josh Ray (Math & Science)