Arrival/Dismissal for IC Imagine Upper School Satellite Campus

Arrival By Car:

All students who arrive by automobile must be dropped off or parked in the parking lot to the left of the building where the satellite campus is located.  We will have staff on the sidewalks, just like at Main Campus, to help ensure they safely arrive to the building from the lot.  Families are NOT permitted to park directly in front of the building at any time.  The building will be open at 7:30, no students may be dropped off prior to that time.  If you need to drop off earlier than 7:30 you are welcome to bring them to the Main Campus to be transported via bus.  Please use the lot on the map below labeled “IC Imagine Parking Lot.”

Arrival By Bus:

Please arrive at the IC Imagine Main Campus by 7:15 if your Champion is riding to the satellite campus via bus.  The sibling that is remaining on Main Campus will have a Collegiate Leader to stay with until arrival for everyone else begins at 7:25.  Pete Hutchens will be the Collegiate Leader who will be supervising these Champions.  He will meet them at the front door and then escort them, as a whole, to his room as soon as the bus departs. Students will be dropped off near the sidewalk on the side of the building where a Collegiate Leader will escort them safely to the doors of the satellite campus via the sidewalk.  Any student utilizing bus transport will be required to have a Bus Permission Form completed and on file PRIOR to them being able to use IC Imagine buses as transportation.  

Dismissal by Car:

All students being dismissed by car will be picked up or depart from the parking lot on the side of the building.  We will have Collegiate Leaders with Walkies who will contact the Collegiate Leaders inside the building when their rides arrive. We will need a tag completed prior to being able to retrieve the Champion, just as they do at Main Campus, this can be done during Open House.  Dismissal will occur at 3:00pm.  There will be no pick-ups between 2:30-3:00.  

Student drivers will need to have a parking pass prior to being able to drive themselves to school. This can be done during Open House. They will be escorted to the spaces by a Collegiate Leader to ensure their safety around the bus and traffic.  

Dismissal by Bus:

Students using the bus as transportation will be dismissed at 2:55.  The bus should arrive to IC Imagine Main Campus by 3:25. Please have grace with us during the first few days as we get our systems underway.  Our trials have run between 14-20 minutes depending on time of day and traffic.  If your child is using SCOPES for after school care, they will be sent directly there. If they are being picked up, they will wait for you at the front of the building.

If you are signing a child out during the day, you are permitted to park in front of the building but please be sensitive to the fact that Southeastern Sports Medicine has clients with injuries who benefit from parking nearest to the building.  

Map of Arrival/Dismissal Details