Arrival for all students:  7:25-7:57

Class begins at 8:00.  In order to be in class by 8:00, students must be inside the building by 7:57.  Any student not in the building by 7:57 will be marked tardy.  

Our arrival line will open at 7:25am and close at 7:50am daily. If you arrive after 7:50, you will be directed to still enter the line, but your student will be marked tardy if they enter the building after 7:57am.

If you arrive after the arrival lane has completely closed, you must park in a visitor’s spot in the parking lot and follow the appropriate procedure for your student’s age.

  • K-5 Students must be escorted into the office
  • Middle and Upper School students may walk by themselves.  

General Guidelines

  • The carline is open for you to enter and await drop off when you arrive in the mornings. We will move the cones and start the line moving at 7:25 daily.   
  • Use your turn signal at the entrance to the school.
  • Please keep all gaps between cars closed.
  • While in the arrival or dismissal line, please be fully engaged and refrain from using cell phones.
  • It is imperative that you always follow staff member directives during arrival and dismissal to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • In order to avoid further traffic congestion, please continue to Pond Road after turning right out of our campus.  Do not make a U-turn and re-enter traffic on McIntosh Road.
  • Please remember, pedestrians always have the right of way. 
  • Our campus is tobacco/vape free.  Do not use these substances/items in the car line.  Doing so is a violation of North Carolina General Statute 115C-407 and the IC Imagine Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
  • Staff will be outside to assist with drop-off and opening car doors. Lower School students will enter the building through the double doors to the left of the front office. Middle School students will enter the building by walking down the stairs to the left of the main entrance and entering the building through the double doors located off the turf. Upper School students will enter the building through the second set of double doors around the right-hand corner behind the gym.
  • You must be in the drop off/ pick up zone before your child may exit the car. Your child may ONLY exit the car from the RIGHT (passenger) side.  The drop off/pick up zone is the sidewalk directly in front of the school.