Main Campus Arrival and Dismissal

Car Line Expectations

Cell Phone use is not permitted in the car line during arrival or dismissal, please remain fully engaged during arrival and dismissal.

All drivers are expected to follow the directives of faculty who are directing traffic.



Arrival for K-8 Champions (7:25 – 7:55)

* This process will refer to all students at the main campus (K-8) with the exception of approved Student Drivers until further notice.

All cars will use the same procedure for arrival. The arrival line will open at 7:25 each morning in the front of the school (the side facing Brevard Road). Collegiate Leaders will be outside to assist with drop-off and opening car doors. Students will enter the building through 2 doors: the main door and the single door past the art room.

* You must be on the side of the building adjacent to Brevard Road before your child may exit the car. Your child may ONLY exit the car from the RIGHT side.

* All Champions (K-8) MUST use the arrival line or you must park in an ICI designated parking space and walk your child to the door.  You MUST use a crosswalk if you are walking your child into school.  

* Please follow the signals given by the Collegiate Leaders directing traffic and at the crosswalks.

At 7:55, the arrival line will close. If you are bringing your child after 7:55, you will need to park in the IC Imagine parking area and walk your student in. At 8:00, your Champion will be tardy, and you will need to sign them at the front desk. This applies to ALL Champions (K-8).

  •   Please do NOT cut through the outlet mall in the morning to enter Ridgefield Boulevard
  •   Please keep gaps to a minimum between cars in the morning!



  •   Please be aware that there are no sign outs from 2:30-3:30 while dismissal is taking place (this includes SCOPES pick up!)
  •   Please be mindful of our pick up windows.

Dismissal (begins at 2:30 depending on the dismissal scenario that applies to your family)

All children must be picked up following the dismissal procedure. Do not walk in to pick up children after 2:30. Sign-outs for excused early releases will end each day at 2:30 for all Champions (K-8)

Kindergarten Dismissal (blue tag)  begins at 2:30// Cars may not enter the line before 2:15

Dismissal for 1st – 5th graders (purple tag) begins at 2:40 // Cars may not enter the line before 2:40

Dismissal for Middle School Families (yellow tag) begins at  3:05// Cars may not enter the line before 3:00

Dismissal for Carpools (green tag) begins at 2:50 for K-5th and 3:03 for middle school// Please do not walk up to the doors prior to 2:40 and 2:53 respectively  * Please only park in designated IC Imagine parking.


If you are carpooling with another Imagine family, all members of the carpool must fill out the Carpool Agreement Paperwork and turn it in to the front desk.

Carpool Agreement Paperwork 17 -18

Dismissal-Which Car Tag Do I Use?

If you have students in more than 1 grade level here at IC Imagine, you need to use the car tag that corresponds with your OLDEST child’s grade level.

Kinder only→ Blue

Any combinations K-5→ Purple

Any combinations that involve a middle school student→ Yellow

All families that are carpooling→ Green