Arrival/Dismissal for Brevard Road Campus

General Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

* While in the arrival or dismissal line, please be fully engaged and refrain from using cell phones.

* In all dismissal lines, please be respectful of other vehicles and follow the directions of all school personnel and police officers.

* For all dismissal lines, please only arrive at or after the opening time of your line.  We cannot allow early entry into any dismissal lines as it causes traffic to backup and negatively impacts the businesses and neighborhoods around the IC Imagine campuses. We request that you never sit and wait on Ridgefield Boulevard (Brevard Road Campus) or McIntosh Road (McIntosh Road Campus).

* Please keep in mind, if everyone arrives at the same time to pick up their children, the dismissal process will take longer. In order to allow for a smoother dismissal, you may wish to enter the line later than it opens if your family’s schedule allows. The dismissal lines open at the times listed below, but all lines close at 3:30pm.

Carpools and Alternative Pick-Ups (Including After School Program vans and pick-ups)

For each Carpool a Champion will participate in, a Carpool Permission Form must be completed and submitted.  This form must be completed for all after school program vans and pick-ups as well. Once processed, the carpool will be assigned a car tag number. You may use this car tag at the front “carpool” door or in the appropriate car line.

Please complete a separate form for each carpool per campus. ** For example, if you have a carpool that includes K-5 and 6-12 students and you will be picking up from both campuses, please complete a form for the Brevard Road Campus (K-5) and a form for the McIntosh Road Campus (6-12). **

Brevard Road (K-5) Campus Arrival

Arrival (7:25 – 7:50)

All cars will use the same procedure for arrival. The arrival line will open at 7:25 each morning in the front of the school (the side facing Brevard Road). At 7:50, the arrival line will close. If you are bringing your child after 7:50, you will need to park in the IC Imagine parking area and walk your student in. At 7:55, school will begin. Your Champion will be tardy if they arrive after that time and you will need to sign them at the front desk. This applies to ALL Champions (K-5).

Collegiate Leaders will be outside to assist with drop-off and opening car doors. Students will enter the building through 2 doors: the main door and the single door past the art room. You must be on the side of the building adjacent to Brevard Road before your child may exit the car. Your child may ONLY exit the car from the RIGHT side.

Brevard Road (K-5) Campus Dismissal

Dismissal (begins at 2:50 depending on the dismissal scenario that applies to your family)

All children must be picked up following the dismissal procedure. Do not walk in to pick up children after 2:30. Sign-outs for excused early releases will end each day at 2:30 for all Champions (K-5).

Brevard Road Campus Car Tag colors

Use the chart above to determine which procedure you will follow for Dismissal. Please refer to the information and videos posted on our website to familiarize yourself with the dismissal process prior to Tuesday, August 7th.

If you have students in more than 1 grade level at the Brevard Road Campus, you need to use the car tag that corresponds with your YOUNGEST child’s grade level.

Kindergarten ONLYBlue

Any combination of K-2 children OR any combinations that involve K-2 AND 3-5→Yellow

Any combination of ONLY 3-5 children →  Purple